Concert Tour 2002 - Koji Tamaki Acoustic Special Night

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Part 3


  • Here is the third and final installation of my Tokyo concert report.

  • So, the big question is: what about Tamaki's performance? Well, what else can I say? He was in excellent form. Spending very little time between song breaks (some of the songs were literally played in succession), he just went for the songs and hit those notes flawlessly. All these great songs being played all at once, my mind felt like being punched non-stop, and I was enjoying it!

  • Hearing his rendition of the songs from his first solo album, I noticed Tamaki's voice had changed. Sure, quite a few songs were performed with a lower key, but his singing voice was different not because of that. The angst of a young buck, for the lack of a better phrase, was replaced with serenity and wisdom of a statesman. I should stop before I'd go into the "well-aged" wine analogy....

  • Back to the shows, he did not spend much time talking on stage. In fact, he did not move around the stage much at all. Again, I do not have a lot of Anzenchitai/Koji Tamaki concert attendance under my belt, but the Koji Tamaki on this tour was remarkably different from the Koji Tamaki that I know of in the past. The first ten minutes of the shows felt like a running silent scene (hmm...."Silent Scene"... it sounds familiar... ;) ), especially with the mellow songs and the acoustic arrangement. Not necessarily a bad thing, since we certainly were not going to a lecture! Haha! Kidding aside, I feel the silence had a hand in the captivating atomsphere at Theatre Cocoon. That is a huge departure from the days when he would shout out "Rock & Roll wo suki ja nai?!" on stage. And there were not much catcalls from the audience at Theatre Coccon, either.

  • On the 1st February show, he told the audience that the next song will be an Anzenchitai song before playing "Tomodachi". If I remembered correctly, he did try to say something to the audience at one point on both nights but instead he just told the audience that he did not know what to say to them, which garnered a few giggles amongst the audience. Without missing a beat, he would introduce the next song as something he wrote many years ago. It turned out to be an excellent rendition of "Anata Ni".

  • After "Anata Ni", "Sacred Love" and "Melody" followed. Each of these songs on their own are great, but all three in succession was awesome. By then, I noticed people around me were breathing with a stuffy nose... I kid you not, hearing these three songs performed live in succession was quite an experience. Very potent stuff.

  • The show on both nights closed with "Yume No Pocket". Afterwards, Tamaki and Yahagi returned to stage to play "Den'en". It was interesting to hear this song with no drums. Rokudo and Ando rejoined the duo to play "Ki Tsu I". The encore ended with Tamaki performing "Shiawase No Lamp" on his own. It is too bad that I missed the night when "Kanashimi Ni Sayonara" was performed during encore.

  • This concludes my concert report. My final thoughts on this tour: I was particularly delighted to have heard songs that I thought would never be performed live. It was certainly a nice way to cap off Tamaki's solo career for a while, in anticipation of the resurgence of Anzenchitai.

  • Yo, Tamaki, in response to the question that you used to shout out to the audience decades ago: it is an unequivocal "Yes". Let's get it on!


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    Written by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: May 18, 2002
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