Super-T Concert in Hong Kong - Day 1

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Arrival in airport & Press Conference - Thursday, July 27, 2000

Flight: (ANA) NH909
Time of arrival: 1:35p.m
Time of Koji show up: around 1:50p.m
Time of Koji leaving the airport : around 2:00p.m
Time of Koji arrived at hotel : 2:40p.m
Time of the Press Conference : 4:00p.m (8/F of the hotel)

  • Koji Tamaki and his wife Ando Satoko, together with other band members arrived at Hong Kong International Aiport on Thursday afternoon. They quickly passed through the airport lobby and were escorted to Harbour View Renaissance Hotel in Wan Chai for Press Conference. During the walk from the airport to the cars, many fans including Carman and David got a chance to present a bouquet to Koji and to take some photos!! Takezawa Yutaka, guitarist of this concert tour and also former Anzenchitai guitarist, gave an autograph to Yu, another fan member!

    Photos from airport

    Articles from various newspapers on Press Conference

    For those who can't read Chinese from the newspaper articles below, here is a summary of the press conference:

  • Koji Tamaki was looking forward to this first oversea concert tour. It had been almost 12 years since his last visit to Hong Kong but this is the first time he came to Hong Kong to hold a concert in his name and not Anzenchitai

  • When asked what is the first thing he noticed about changes in Hong Kong from last time he came, Koji said the airport is much bigger and newer.

  • Prior to his departure from Japan, Koji shipped many of his musical instruments and setup system to Hong Kong for the 2 concert nights. It was told that the weight of the cargo container carrying all the equipment weighted 3,000kg!! Koji also brought along a number of his personal favourite guitars! There were also close to 30 support members from Japan who came to do all the setup/support for the concert!!

  • Koji spoke a number of greetings in Cantonese including: 'How are you', 'I am Koji Tamaki' and 'Have you had meal yet?'!!

  • Koji is very happy and accepting the fact that many Hong Kong singers used his songs as covered versions. Many of the covered versions are all time big hits! Among many H.K. singers, Koji likes Andy Lau's performance on his work.

  • website (Chinese Big-5)

  • STAREASTnet website (Chinese Big-5) - Including video in Windows Media Player format.

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    Written and organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Pictures courtesy of Sonny Wong & Carman Chu
    Last update: January 14, 2003

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