Super-T Concert in Hong Kong - Day2

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Shopping, Relax and then Rehearsal - Friday, July 28, 2000

By Friday there were already a number of fans who would try their luck to see if they can bump into Koji and other members in the hotel lobby. Well the wait was definitely not wasted as they saw Takezawa Yutaka, guitarist of the tour and also former Anzenchitai member. Takezawa and another guitarist Yahagi Wataru came back from 'Dim Sum' with EEG Officials. Takezawa san was very friendly and he gave autographs to a number of fans, on CDs, on songbooks and even on guitars!! They took a picture at the end too! Yahagi didn't give autograph because he was quite tired and he rushed back to his room. Nonetheless, this is a very rare opportunity to be able to get close contact with the Japanese musicians and even got their autograph and took pictures with them!!

On the other hand Tamaki Koji stayed in hotel most of the day, relax and also went out for 1st rehearsal. His wife Ando Satoko went to do some shopping!

Photos from hotel

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Written and organized by Kelvin Tsang
Pictures courtesy of Sonny Wong & Carman Chu
Last update: August 10, 2000

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