Koji Tamaki

  • Koji Tamaki has his own singles and albums. These are not related to Anzen-Chitai singles and CDs. You may want to try it because he is the vocalist of Anzen-Chitai.

  • The Official Koji Tamaki Homepage from his previous record company: Sony Records, Japan.


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  • Mailing address of Member's Club "STAR"

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  • ~ Divorce ~

    On June 6, 1998, a sad news came from Koji Tamaki. after 7 years of marriage, Tamaki Koji and Yakushimaru Hiroko divorced. The couple announced their divorce when Hiroko 'celebrated' her 34th birthday with Koji and their relatives and friends in a hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. "We have to walk on different paths from now on", said Koji with a smile from Hiroko. This surely stunt lots of guests in the party.

  • ~ Re-married ~

    In 1996 Koji Tamaki met Ando Satoko, a keyboardist. Since then Satoko had been appearing in Koji's annual concert tour, being a keyboardist of the band. She also helped out the production of Koji's solo albums: composing and arranging of songs. Koji and Satoko both admire each other of the talents, and when Satoko released her first solo album in 1999, Koji was the producer of her album. In Dec 1999 both musicians have decided to tie the knot. This is Koji's 3rd marriage, and this one came 1.5 years after his divorce with artist Yakushimaru Hiroko.

    Since late 1998, Koji and Ando are living in Karuizawa, a small and quiet town in Nagano Prefecture. Koji spends most of his time composing new songs in this town.

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