Concerts in Japan


  • Koji Tamaki and Anzen Chitai had a CAFE JAPAN SPECIAL concert in early 1997!! And I am glad that I can take part in this great event!!

    JUNK LAND Concert Tour '97 - '98

  • Because of the success of CAFE JAPAN SPECIAL Concert, Koji Tamaki had another concert tour at the end of 1997, right after the release of the album JUNK LAND. This concert tour is named JUNK LAND Concert Tour 1997 and two die-hard Anzen Chitai members from the mailing list, Teruyuki Mihashi from Seattle, USA and Duke Sasaji from Yokohama, Japan, attended the concert (two different one)!!!

    GRAND LOVE Concert Tour '98

  • Koji Tamaki had another concert tour after the release of GRAND LOVE in May 1998. This tour consists of an outdoor section in Hokkaido in the summer months and an indoor section throughout the rest of Japan at the end of the year. Here is a report of the outdoor concert in Japanese. For the indoor series, Terry Mihashi again participated in the concerts and gave us the following report.

  • Indeed the end of 1998 might not favour Koji Tamaki. Apart from his sickness, he canceled his last concert performance in Tokyo International Forum on Saturday, December 12, 1998. Koji started off the concert with 2 songs but his performance wasn't that good and he requested his fans to give him permission to re-sang the songs again. However after the 3rd song, he decided to call off the concert and went to the backstage, leaving the fans behind. There was no formal explanation of his leaving from the concert tour officials but rumour has that a doctor saying Koji was over-stress from the tour. We believe Koji realized that he was not in good condition that day and hence the call off. We are not sure if this has anything to do with his divorce. Nevertheless, we wish Koji a new and prosperous 1999.

  • Koji was doing pretty well in 1999 and he held a number of 'Ballad Night' concerts after the release of the compilation album WINE-RED NO KOKORO in February 1999. This album is a re-arranged, re-recorded version of all former Anzenchitai greatest hits.

    SUPER-T Concert Tour 2000

  • Koji was alive again in concert halls throughout Japan after the release of a brand new album NISEMONO in April 2000. Concerts spanned from early May to mid October, with a number of mini-concerts in hotels (Delicious T LIVE), an outdoor concert in Lake Kawaguchi in July, and an oversea concert tour in Hong Kong in July 29-30! Nick, David and Anthony from Hong Kong participated in the last one in Asahikawa Daisetsu Arena on October 15, 2000.

    Concert Tour 2001 - Spade

  • Koji had about 30 concerts throughout Japan after the release of a brand new album Spade in March 2001. Concerts spanned from late March to early July. Two Anchi English mailing list members participated in the concerts.

    Concert Tour 2002 - Acoustic Special Night

  • 38 concerts were held throughout Japan, beginning in Osaka on January 4, 2002. Anthony Chan of Hong Kong participated in the concerts.

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