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Full Retirement

Dear fellow Hams and DXers, it's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since Paul Dunphy and I began the K2CD DX Web Site. I feel as though the site has served its mission and I would like to thank you all for the nice comments received over the years. It is now time for the site to enter into full retirement. The entire site will remain intact, exactly as it is--- a snapshot of the past. No further updates are planned. I apologize for the links which are out of date.

Who am I?

My name is Mike D'Alto, K2CD and I enjoy chasing DX. This is what a reasonably happy, and well-fed DXer looks like. I live in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania named Matamoras. Picture the geographic spot where the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania come together, and you'll find my QTH there. I'm a transplant from The Garden Spot of the World, Greenpoint Brooklyn, where I spent the first 30 or so years of my life. I am currently employed in retail. My interests include Amateur Radio, computer building and repair, GeoCaching, and fishing. Not necessarily in that order.

What is This DX?

DX is just one of the many facets of Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). Specifically it is the quest of working (making contact with) stations in distant countries. Think of the letters DX as being the abbreviation for the word Distance. DXers exchange QSL cards as proof of having made 2-way contacts with other amateurs. This is what my QSL card looks like.

How Many DX Countries (Entities) are out There?

At the present time there are 334 active, and 58 deleted Countries on the DXCC (DX Century Club) list. You might believe, and would be correct in doing so, that there are not 334 countries in the entire world. The reason for the additional countries on the DXCC list are a somewhat complex criteria that define countries not only on their being sovereign nations, but also on their separation distance from their parent country. A good example of this are the states of Alaska, and Hawaii. Both clearly aren't independent countries, but do count as such. Hawaii because of its distance from the US mainland, and Alaska because it is separated from the US by another country; Canada. The rules might at first seem confusing, but become crystal clear when one attains DX Enlightenment. FYI, here is a list of the top 100 most needed countries in 2001. Note: In step with the new DXCC 2000 program, DX Countries are now referred to as DX Entities.

Why Another DX Web Site?

Mainly because I wanted to share some of my enthusiam about the historical side of DX with the multitudes. I discovered the series of "QRPer Stories" written by the very talented Paul Dunphy, VE1DX. I asked Paul if I could set up a page containing ALL of his stories, and he agreed. As they say, the rest is history. The complete collection of his work can be found on-line here. There's also a collection of stories by Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD, who developed the "QRPer Style" of writing in the West Coast DX Bulletin. Paul and I have now added a West Coast DX Bulletin archive section so the tireless work of WA6AUD can be preserved and illustrated on-line. The WCDXB Archive section is under construction, but growing. If you're here for the stories, enjoy them! They are great, and Paul is an excellent author. I hope you enjoy your visit, and check back often.

From the DX Vaults at K2CD

DX Legends Remembered Gus Browning, W4BPD DX Legends Remembered Don Miller, W9WNV
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The DX Stories of Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX The DX Stories of Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
Ohio Valley A.R.A. DX Bulletin 25-Jul-1957 A QSL Tribute to Cass, WA6AUD DX1S

Some Useful DX Resources

Indexed & Sorted by Category Ham Links Indexed & Sorted by Category DX Links
DX Enlightenment VE1DX's Propagation Primer Current List of DXCC Countries & Resources

Some Cool DX Diversions

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Highlights From The DX Stories Page

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