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DX Clubs & Organizations

425 DX News Group
Alamo DX Amigos
Arkansas DX Association
Bay Area DXers Mich.
Berlin DX Group
Central Arizona DX Association
Chiltern DX Club -The UK DX Foundation
Clipperton DX Club
Dateline DX Association
Delta DX Association
DXA DX Antwerp
DX-Central Dot-Com
GDXF German DX Foundation
The International DX Association
International Foundation QSL Collection -Classic QSLs
K1WY DX Association
Kansas City DX Club
Lyon DX Gang
Lynx DX Group
Mariana Islands DX Association
Martlesham DX & Contest Group
Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
Niagara Frontier International DX Association
No List Lizards, Inc.
North Alabama DX Club
Northeast Wisconsin DX Association
Northern California DX Club 50th Anniversary
Northern California DX Foundation, Inc.
Northern Illinois DX Association
Northern Ohio DX Association
Northern Portugal DX Group -English Version
North Florida DX Association
North Jersey DX Association
Prairie DX Group
Rhein Ruhr DX Association
San Diego DX Club
South Florida DX Association
South Sandwich Island DX Group
Tri State DX Association
Twin City DX Association
Western Pennsylvania DX Association
Western Washington DX Club
YASME Award & Callsign Directory - Beautiful example of the YASME Award

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DX Websites of Individuals

9K2HN - DX Pages
AA6G - Chuck's DX Page
AC6V - DX Reference Page
A DXers Paradise
DK7UY - DX and DXpedition Site
DX Hound's World
HB9HFN - Cedric's Ham Radio & DXpedition Site
hfradio.org - NW7US Web Site -DX Resources
HL1SSG - Korean Amateur Radio DXer
JA1BK - Kan Mizoguchi
JH4PHW - Links to a JA WebCluster
K1BV - DX Awards Directory
K3KY - David Sinclair - DXer & Contester
K7WX - Amateur Radio DX Web Site
K8CX - 1997 Dayton Photo Gallery -103 Photos of DXers & Contesters
K8CX - 1998 Dayton Photo Gallery -105 Photos of DXers & Contesters
K8CX - Rare DX Sound Clips -Requires Real Audio Player
K8CX - Ham Photo Gallery -More Pics of DXers, Contesters, & DX Locales
K8YSE - EIDX Network
KA2CYN - Dave's DX Site
KA9FOX - Web Site for Contesters & DXers
KB7UB - Uncle Bubba's Home Page
KG0MJ - Rare DX Hunting
KQ4QM - The Geo DXCC Page
NG3K - Amateur Radio Contest/DX Page
N4GN - DX Home Page -FB DX Resources
N5NU - Jason Goldsberry - Dxer
N5VT - Frank's Ham Radio, DX, RTTY, & More
N6RT - DXer & Contester -Nice photos
N7MAL - DXers, Contesters, & CW
OK1RR - DX & Contesting Page
OZ1AXG - Quick Guide to Internet DX
PA3CQR - DX Web Page
PA3UDA - A DXers Paradise
VE1DX - Paul's Ham Radio & More
VE6OA - Al Girard
VK3EW - Picture Page -Pics of DXers from Downunder
W3HNK - DXer, QSl Mgr. -Tribute to a DX Hall-of-Famer
W7HR - QSL Card Gallery
WA5YKO - DX Notebook
WB6YR - A Dxer's WebSite
WD4NGB - DX Page

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DX Callbooks & QSL Info

Quick QSL Manager Lookup -Great Resource!
Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server
QRZ Callbook -Contains some International Listings
W5 Incoming QSL Bureau Information
Andorra Callbook (C3) -Via URA Web Site
Australian Callbook (VK)
ARAS- Official Canadian Callbook (VE)
CIS Online Callbooks -(EK, ER, EU, EX, EY, EZ, UK, UN, UR, RA, 4K, 4L)
Corsican Callbook (TK)
El Salvadorian Callbook (YS) -Partial
Estonian Callbook (ES) -At Kohtla-Jarve Ham-Radio Group Home Page
1998 Estonian Callbook (ES) -With Correct Zip Codes (updated Aug 98)
1997 Finnish Callbook (OH)
French Radio Amateur Callbook -(F, FG, FH, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FS, TK)
Greek Callbook (SV)
Guatemalan Callbook (TG) -Partial
Guernsey Callbook (GU)
Iceland Callbook (TF) -Via IRA Web Site
Latvian Callbook (YL) -Partial
Lithuanian Callbook (LY)
Malaysian Callbook (9M2) -Via MARTS
Netherlands Callbook (PA)
Polish Callbook (SP)
Romanian Callbook (YO)
South African Callbooks -(ZS, 7P, 3DA, V5, A22, C9, 5H, 9J2, Z2)
Yugoslovian Callbook (YU)
QSL-Extra by DB1JAW -FB Freeware QSL DB Software. 29K Routes. Updated Monthly!
QSL Manager Database boasts 52,000 Routes -Via T77WI Site
QSL Info Database by DB0SDX
QSL Info Database by IK4LZH
QSL Routes de 1997 Issues of DXNL -Via NG3K Site
The Golist, QSL Manager List -By Subscription. Among the Best
Downloadable QSL info Database -43,200 Routes, Updated Bi-Weekly
RW1QM QSL-info Database Search
W3HC QSL Fund -And list of stations he manages

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DX Bulletins & Newsletters

59(9) DXReport -Lots of Gud Info
Announced DX Operations -@ NG3K Site
ARRL DX Bulletins -@ NG3K Site
DX-LIST E-Mail Reflector -How to Subscribe, Archive, EZ Sign-up Form.
DX News Letter (DL9GOA/DL7VOA) -@ NG3K Site
Internet Six News
Island News Bulletins -@ NG3K Site
Low Band Monitor
Northern Portugal DX Group Bulletin -@ NG3K Site
Ohio/Penn DX (OPDX) Bulletins -@ NG3K Site
Picture DX Bulletin @ ON4VT -Slow Scan TV DXing
The Daily DX -Subscription Service W/Free 2 Week Sample -Excellent
1997 DX Magazine Most Wanted Countries List -Via CWSP Site
VK2ICV Who's Who on Top Band
VK2SG RTTY DX Notes -@ OH2BUA Site

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Propagation Info & Bulletins

AD5Q Propagation Forecasts -@ NG3K Site
ARRL Propagation Bulletins -@ NG3K Site
Current Solar Forecast
Current Solar Images
Earth View: Current Gray Line
NB6Z Solar Activity Page -Propagation 101
Propagation at a Glance -@CT1BOH Site
Space Environment Center Home Page

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Logging Programs for DXers

A Logger for Windows -By 9K2ZZ/K4CY, by and for DXers, and FREE FREE FREE!
CT by K1EA
CT Files Archive
DX4Win by KK4HD
DXBase by Scientific Solutions
DXtreme Software
HamLog v2.0 -For Macintosh. Free Demo
Hyperlog by Hypersoft -This is What I Use.
LOGic 4 by P.D.A.
LOGvrr by IN3VRR -Supports CD-ROM, Packet, etc. FREEWARE
M*Log -by Milestone Technologies, Inc.
NA Contest Logging Program -And Support Files. By Datom
Prolog by Datamatrix
StationMaster -The Log For Windows
SwissLog for DOS -Windows Version Available
VQLog For Win95, 98, NT, 2000 -For the VHF/UHF/SHF/Satellite DX'er
WriteLog for Windows
XMLog - Freeware Log for Windows -Many Nice features

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Other Software for DXers

ClusterMaster -Freeware PacketCluster Terminal Program
CyberDX-CW -Cyberspace Simulation of CW DXCC
CyberContest -Cyberspace Simulation of a CW Contest
The DXCC Spreadsheet by EA6VQ -Shareware. Tracks your DXCC Totals. MS Excel needed.
DX Monitor by VE3SUN -Freeware for monitoring OH2AQ WebCluster
GCGC Great Circle Bearings & Distance -Freeware by Ron McConnell, W2IOL
HFx - HF Propagation Prediction Tool -Download demo available
Kangaroo Tabor Software -Home of CAPWizard, CAPMan, Active Beacon Wizard & More
MININEC Professional Series -EM Scientific, Inc.
Windows QSL Manager by DF6EX -Freeware version available

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