Answers to the Eternal Enigmas of DXing


An Introduction by Paul Dunphy
DXers are Weird


What Became of W9WNV? Greetings from Don Miller by Martti Laine, OH2BH

Stories From the Master, Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

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I Remember Don Hail to the Best DX Cordiality Council
Just Why DXers are Best I DX Therefore I WAS How Don Miller Did It
It's The Median, Stupid! The Baited Trap! Posterity!...
The Stone That Knows DX Stuck at 127! Another Question...
DX is a State of Mind How to Work Bouvet DX Is a Changing Season
DXing at any Speed! Working Portable To Have and Have Not
Protect What you Have The Chase is the Thrill The DX Situation
DX Indicators The DX Frequency The Good Days
Basic DXing Deleted DXCC The Bermuda Triangle
Low Band Antenna Wire The Golden Years Guy DX Day
World Radio Prop Study California Calling The QSL Manager
The Radio Inspector! Zero Beat the DX

The Stories of Paul Dunphy, VE1DX

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One of the Eternal Enigmas 5A1A Counts! Abolish DXCC? Ask the O.T.!
Alternative to DXCC? Be Prepared! BS7H Scarborough Reef
Cycle Minimum Blues Burma Road Don't Work That Last One!
DXCC Rules! DX Was! DX IS! If You Worked It
East Coast Bob Exclusive Club Computerized Logging!
F-18 Hornets High Voltage Local QRPer on Scarborough
Local QRPer Works 5A1A Lists and QSLs Low Band Asia DXers' Guild
Only the Deserving Missed It! New Theory on Propagation
Packet Clusters QRZ on 6-Metres? Palos Verdes Sundancers
Romeo in P5 RTTY DX IS! Rocky Road to the Cluster
The BS7H QSL Son of a Gun! Slim Gets a QSL Manager
The Cost of QSLing! The DXNDD! The Biggest Pileup Yet
The Meaning of DX IS! Top Band DXing The Old Timer Loses It!
The Old Timer's Birthday Unified Field Theory Too Much Spare Time!
UP UP UP We Lost It! Where's the P5?
Where is That Call? Whistling Dixie Winners and Losers
PacketCluster Secrets! The QRPer's Cousin Society for Preservation of AM
WPX IS! The Flux is 65! Einstein & Lorentz Knew!
Absolute Point of Reference The Early Days 68 Feet is a Long Way!
How to Put on a Rare Country Excuse # 9! The QRPer & His Computer
What a Difference a Day. . . The Old Refrain The Fall Classic
To Delete or Not to Delete Top Band Spots The Maltese Manager
Burma Burma Everywhere Cognitive DXing! Be Prepared for Heard I
Move Closer to the DX Progress! Where is Cycle 23?
Put it in Perspective Plate Voltage DX is a Moveable Feast
DXer or Sticker Collector Beacon DXing Only DXers Know QSLs
DXers and Wannabes The Gambler Third-Party Traffic
DX Advice is Easy to Give Five and Nine Let me DX my Own Way!
Delete Them All! QRZ de M0ON? CQ Contest
Much Ado About Nothing Busted Calls The DX Cat
To Have and to Have Not Slip of the Tongue The Golden Days of DXing
4 Hours is a Long Time Four is Enough! A Little Knowledge
DXers are Different QRZ Europe QSL Rules
The Pot-Stirrer 5NN TU The DXCC Desk. . .
Place Holder Full Calls Only Vote Carefully!
CQ HAMSTER! DX Maybe! Is CW a Digital Mode?
Past the Equinox Generally Speaking Who's on CW?
The Old and the New 6-meter Radials QSL Questions
It Sounds Like Fun Dash L The QRPer and the Net

Awarded 22-Jul-98

Key Resource

Paul Dunphy maintains an attractively done web site devoted to his family, amateur radio, and his experiences aboard the Research Vessel CSS Baffin. Be sure to drop by his site VE1DX - Ham Radio and More

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