DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX

(Originally published in the West Coast DX Bulletin)


By Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

One of the younger QRPers was up the hill last week, anxious as the young always are to gain DX stature. "I keep hearing about the Mysteries of the Ages," he charged us, "but what are they? And why are they so difficult to understand?" We almost heard a tiny sigh within us when we again heard these words for well we know how the young and restless are always questioning. But they must have their answers so we hauled him up the back roads to the hill to the Old Timer, who listened to the query stated again.

"What will you do when you get the 300-DXCC sticker?", the Old Timer asked, and the QRPer had to stop and think. "I guess I will just keep on going," he said. "Jut keep looking for a few more I need and any new stuff that comes along. What else is there to do?"

The Old Timer was silent for awhile before speaking again. Finally we heard the words again, "Eventually, most will learn some of the Mysteries of the Ages," he said, "though understanding may be long in coming. But keep in mind, as you may just have indicated, that the young often tend to believe that things go on forever. The old realize that there is an end to everything, even DX." And that was that. For as Albert would so often say, all things are relative, some more so. And on the way down the hill the QRPer was still asking his questions. "What does he mean?" he asked and we realized again how difficult it is to understand the Mysteries. But we tried to explain. "DX is a state of mind," we said, possibly for the thousandth time, "and each day is a day of DX to itself. Enjoy the good days of DXing while you can. But one of these days you will realize that the good days of DXing, maybe even the Great Days of DXing, come to an end."

The QRPer was silent for awhile but later on he spoke again. "You know something," he said. "I think that when I am a little older I will understand these things better. But right now what could be more interesting than working some new DX?" And we left things at that for everyone gets a bit smarter with the years, and the old lose the fears and uncertainties of youth. And all of this may be a bit hard to understand but if you do, certainly you are ready for more of the Eternal Enigmas.

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