DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX

DXing at any Speed!

by Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

Originally published in the WCDXB, 11 October 1977

One of the local beady-eyed QRPers came up the hill last week, filled with doubting questions as usual. "All this talk about the Inevitable Enigmas of DXing," he said, "I still don't understand it all. Could you explain it to me?" Son of a Gun! When the obvious is so clear and the facts are so easily understood, it is always difficult to explain the evident. But we tried again.

"How would you explain this?" we asked. "This police car nails someone on their radar doing sixty-five in a forty-mile zone. So he sirens him down and politely asks the impatient driver what the rush might be. The driver, fidgeting to get going, tells the policeman that he has had a call at the office that 3Y0 is on and he is on an emergency trip home." We paused to ask the QRPer if he was with us to this point and got an answering nod. "No sooner than he got this information, the police officer was back in his car and both cars were speeding down the pike at sixty-five. Now, how could you explain all of this?" The QRPer was quiet for a moment and then there was the dazzling, beady-eyed smile again. We had to shade our eyes. The QRPer, however, was ecstatic. "They were both DXers . . . right? But did that really happen?"

It was then time for our own beady eyed smile. "Have we ever told you anything but the plain, solid and indisputable facts?" we asked and we had him there. For there are many strange things in the world of DXing, some difficult to believe. Believe and you will understand. For those who have believed, the Great Days of DXing are coming. Be on the housetops to greet the new day! Be prepared for the advanced warnings of the approaching Great Days of DXing, out of the dawn and beyond the rim of the day to all DX lands. There are a lot of DX Believers . . . you will see them on their housetops at every dawn! DX IS!

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