DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX

The Bermuda Triangle

by Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

Originally published in the WCDXB, 4 May 1976

There was a bit of a north wind last week but we found a protected spot and the visibility was spectacular. And while two of us were industriously passing the happy hours watching down the bay, the bane of all lazy DXers showed up. This one was the worrying type. "You know something?", this worrier asked. "I've been reading all about the Bermuda triangle and those mysterious things that have happened there. I believe that there is something to it. And I further believe that we probably have the same thing right here. I sure do!"

It was obvious that we would not get rid of this one until we said the magic words so we said: "How's that?" and the QRPer beamed. "Well", he said, "last night about midnight I was watching the sky and I see this plane headed north out over the bay. It was quite visible with it's bright lights and I watched it head north, away up high. But it went behind the trunk of a tree that was in front of me and I never saw it come out. It just never came out!! Somewhere behind that tree something happened. Just like it has happened in the Bermuda Triangle!" We both nodded in agreement with the worrying one and soon he was off on his patrols.

After awhile the lazy DXer stirred a bit and asked: "Why didn't you tell him that it was just a plane climbing north out of SFO with it's landing lights on as an anti-collision procedure? And the pilot just happened to turn them off when the plane was behind the tree."

We thought this over for a bit and then threw in our clincher. "But can you prove that?", and we both laughed. For there is a lot one must do on faith and logic. And maybe we cannot prove that the sunspots will return one day . . . but we think they will. For they always have . . . be a Believer! The Great Days of DXing are near. The signs are everywhere. DX IS!

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