DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX

The Golden Years

by Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

Originally published in the WCDXB, 2 March 1976

One of our more recent QRPers came by last week and he had a question. "Why are the older DXers always sitting around and talking about the good old days?", he asked. "Were things really all that good and were they really the Big Guns that they say they were?"

We have often been troubled by this question ourselves so we hauled the QRPer over to the Old Timer who listened to the question. " A man must preserve his self-esteem", the Old Timer said, "and some may tend to rewrite the remembrance of other days and older years. The years that are gone will always be the golden years. It comes to most everyone."

Son of a Gun! You would have thought that the QRPer had all the answers he needed but he persisted. "But did all those things really happen? Are the things they say true?" And the QRPer waited for his answer until the Old Timer spoke again. "It may not be but they believe. And what does it matter?"

And we had to leave it there for nostalgia is the warmth of the old ones and the years will bring to everyone eventually the recollection of the good old days that were, and a thought of some things that might have been but never were. And always somewhere there will be someone whistling "Roses are Blooming in Picardy." And always next year will be the Big DX Year and the dreams of DX will come your way! DX IS!

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