DX Stories by Paul M. Dunphy, VE1DX

DX IS! If You Worked It

Last week we came across one of the local QRPers and we just had to ask him what was new in the world of DX. "It's the DXCC rules that I've been thinking about.", the QRPer replied, "You know, for once they are very logical and straight forward in their thinking." This was a rather sudden change of attitude. We recalled just a few months ago how this same QRPer had stormed up the hill in indignation when it became clear the league wasn't going to buy his 5A0RR QSL. We had to learn more, so we put on our best poker face, "How so?", we asked. "It's that Minimum Size rule.", he replied, "It sure gives credibility to the DXCC program. Makes certain all these little rocks like Scarbourgh Reef won't count. And it's about time too!"

Son of a Gun! We had heard all the arguments on this one and this one had been voiced many times. But there was something wrong here, for this QRPer had done an about face on his opinion of the DXCC committee in the past six months. We had to know more. "The league hasn't ruled on BS7H yet," we replied, "and the jury is still out on whether it will count. It met the rules when it was on the air. There's talk the ARRL will count it." The QRPer glared at us. "Don't give me any of that Buster," he replied, his voice raising ever so slightly, "I saw the pictures of it. It doesn't have a chance. And it doesn't help to have you know-it-alls saying it might count, either! Leave well enough alone."

We were beginning to get a glimmer of light here. "Well, if you are right", we said in a sombre tone, "then it's likely the end of St. Peter and Paul Rocks too. And maybe even Trindade. They're pretty shakey when it comes to that new rule." The glimmer turned into a spotlight! We'd hit the right nerve. "Never mind the PY0s!", the QRPer retorted. "Just leave them alone. There's no need to bother the DXAC with them. They're just fine as they are." We decided this one was worth pursuing just a bit further. "Maybe you are right," we replied, "especially since we here on the east coast have them confirmed several times over." "That's my way of thinking," the QRPer replied, a sly grin beginning to show on his face. "Heck, that BS7H was never workable east of W9-land anyhow. I'm glad you see it my way!" And with that, he was off, happy in his conviction that another one hadn't gotten away.

We sat in silence for a moment. We hadn't bothered to tell the QRPer that we'd tucked the BS7H in the log early one morning on 20-metres before he got up. We had a slightly different opinion on the Minimum Size rule and its application to Scarbourgh Reef! We wondered if we were in keeping with the amateur's code as we dug out our QSTs to see how many W6s were on the DXAC! DXing is war! Survival of the fittest is our motto. DX IS! And DX IS! even more when we've worked it and the QRPer hasn't! As Albert so often said, "Everything is relative, some things more so . . ."

Best Regards, Paul

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