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spring steel clip


bolt & nuts

trailer wheel












SAE Gr.5 and Gr.8 hex cap screws

From 5/16" dia to 2-1/2" dia

DIN 931 and DIN 933-8.8 and 10.9 hex bolt

From M8 dia to M64 dia

ASTM A193 Gr.B7 fin and heavy bolts

From5/16" dia to 2-1/2" dia

High strength hex bolts, nuts and washer

- A325, A490 JIS B1186 AS 1252 and DIN6914/6915

From M12(1/2") dia to M36(1-3/8")dia

High strength T/C(round head) bolts, nuts and washer - A325, A490 and JIS B1186

From M12(1/2") dia to M30(1 1/8")dia

Gr.5, Gr.8 flange screw and 170M psi 12point flange bolts

From 5/16" dia to 1" dia

Gr.5 and Gr.8 dome head/flat head plow bolts and carriage bolts

From 5/16" dia to 1-3/8" dia

Wheel bolts

From 1/2" dia - 1" dia

Heavy equipment track bolts/nuts

From M12(1/2") dia to M36(1 3/8") dia

Special Bolts and Pinper drawing

From 3/8"(M10) dia to 2"(M52) dia

Various square screw

From 5/16" dia to 2-1/2" dia

Stud bolts and both end stud bolts - ASTM A193 Gr.B7 and L7

From 1/2" dia to 2-1/2" dia

ASTM A194 Gr.2H, Gr.7, Gr 4 and 2HM heavy hex nuts

From 1/2" dia to 2-1/2"dia

Castle nut

From 5/6" dia to 2" dia

SAE Gr.5 and Gr.8 fin and heavy nuts

From 5/8" dia to 2-1/2"dia

DIN 934, CL.8 and CL. 10nuts

From M16 dia to M64 dia

Wheel nuts and Drum nuts

From M16(5/8") to M30(1 1/8") dia

Lock nuts

From 5/8" dia to 2 1/2"dia

Flange nuts per drawing

From 5/8" dia to 2" dia

Various hot formed slot nuts

From 5/8" dia to 2 1/2"

Various square nuts

From 5/8"(M16) dia to 2"(M48) dia

Various hot formed parts per drawing Bearing Race, Gear Blank, Ball Housing, Neck Ring, Spiders

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