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This page is dedicated to the descendants of Jan (Wolter) Kroezen and Agnes Ferguson

Jan (Wolter) Kroezen and Agnes Ferguson

Hi, I'm John Kroezen, I'm the grandson of Jan Kroezen and Agnes Ferguson who came to Australia from Scotland in the 1920's. Now that may seem unusual because Jan Kroezen was a Dutchman. He evidently left Holland in about 1905 and migrated to Scotland where he met and married Agnes Ferguson and started to raise a family. In 1925 they decided to migrate with their seven children. Considering that Jan was about 47 years old at that time, this was a pretty bold move. Evidently the choice was between Canada and Australia. They came to Australia because Agnes already had a brother here. Jan came to Australia in 1925 and Agnes followed with the children in 1926. Jan's nephew (also named Jan), the son of his brother Geert, did migrate to Canada where his descendants are.

This is a work in progress and is far from complete. In fact, I need as much help as I can get from any members of the family to fill in the blanks and correct the errors. So please don't be offended if something is incorrect, just or write to me at:-

Australian Flag
John Kroezen
PO Box 979
Port Lincoln SA 5606

and it will be corrected. I would also appreciate any photographs or scans of photographs that anyone can supply me.

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