Michael G. Ormerod
My field of expertise is a specialised form of microscopy, called 'flow cytometry'. This technology has wide spread application in biological research laboratories. It is also used in routine clinical laboratories; the main applications are in the classification of leukaemias and the monitoring of patients with AIDS.
I work as a research consultant and trainer offering advice and training in flow cytometry.

I also advise on experiments to study the effects of drugs and radiation on cells.

At present, most of my consultancy work is for the Section of Medicine in the Institute of Cancer Research. I am also employed by the Breast Unit of the Royal Marsden NHS Trust.

I spend some of my time teaching.

I am a member of the editorial board of two professional journals, Cytometry and the Journal of Immunological Methods.
A suspension of single cells, for example, from the blood, are injected into a stream of saline.

The saline acts to force the cells into a single file through a laser beam.

Fluorescent light from each cell is collected, separated into different colours and analysed.

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Photographs taken on some of the courses I teach on are here
I have authored or co-authored about 200 scientific publications. Some of them are listed here