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March 2003
Destination: Manila

Boomland Go Kart Entrance Go Go-Karts Go!
by Andrei Piano

Boomland is located along Roxas Boulevard beside Starcity. Boomland used to be called “Boom na Boom” so for those who are confused whether it’s a new theme park or not. It’s not. It still has those rides that our parents used to ride. This theme park still has its roller coaster, the wild river ride, the horror train, the haunted house, the “feria” games. Examples of feria games are the tossing of coins into bottles to get a corresponding prize, the tossing of rings to poles, the tossing of one peso coins, betting games. The newest attraction though in boomland are the go-karts.

Ready to go karts The go-kart attraction used to be only present only in the Subic scene. So if one wanted to try go-karts you would have to go to Subic. Subic is nice and all and one would love to spend free time there but you would have to make arrangements for a family reunion or a family gets away before you could enjoy. Once you get there you and everyone in your family would not have the time to check everything out and it is likely that you willl forget about trying to see the go-kart course. What I am trying to say is that don’t you wish there is at least one track here in manila to suffice one’s adrenalin rush needs. For andrenalin junkies out there there are a lot of speed trips to see around the city but you can’t be sure if they are safe. Drag racing is one way to suffice ones speed demon egos but its illegal and besides you would have to have a car for you to join in one. No one will let you borrow theres for that purpose. Plus the cost alone will make your head spin. So go-karts are still the best way to go around your urges to step on the gas like the games “GrandTtourismo 3” on your Playstation 2 console.

Sure, there were go-karts in Alabang Town Center around last year but it was just a temporary thing. It is a short lived event so after it closed down people here in Manila have been rearing for it to come back. So when Boomland started to present it as its newest attraction flocks of people of all ages wanted to try it. People from different parts of manila wanted to try the sensation of driving fast without the risk of toppling over or destroying other cars. Thinking of safety first is always good.

Ready to go kartsSpeaking of safety the art of made of sturdy thick metal frame that will protect you incase you accidentally bump the karts infront, behind and beside you. The kart also has a low point because of the low center of gravity and its small wheels so the dangers of toppling over would not be of any problem even for big heavy people such as myself. The contraption then has buckets seats that prevent you from swaying to the side of the kart might put your arms in danger. These buckets seats have side guards for this purpose. Then the seatbelts obviously act to keep you in your seat. The helmets are rented so as to protect your head just incase anything still goes wrong. Lastly the course has rubber tires near the curves so incase you suddenly lose control wall of tires will help stop you to go any further. Sure it will stop you but it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. The shock from the bump will bring shivers from your head to your toes so being a bit careful would not hurt. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Ready to go karts The go-kart all in all consists of the frame, gasoline powered motor, bucket seats, leather belts, and wheels. Sounds easy to drive don’t it? Wait till you get on one and start hitting those curves. The trick is if one a good turn and be able to maintain a fast pace you should shift your body wait towards the curve you trying for. So for a left curve you should lean to your left and for a right curve you should lean towards the right.

Ready to go karts Karting, as most young people call it, can be addictive so I suggest that you bring a friend along to tell you that you have had enough. Just kidding! You’ll have to bring friends along to maximize your fun as I found out when I first tried karting. I brought my friends along though they insisted at first that it was a bit on the expensive side I still managed to drag them out. Once we got there its like letting the dogs out from their cages for the very first time. Everybody was on the edge waiting for their turn to get a try on the go-karts. Miguel (not his real name) wanted to go on one so bad he almost wet his pants from the anticipation. The rate of the ride is 150 for five minutes plus the helmet fee, which will cost you 10 pesos. So if you are determined to ride go-karts and impress your peers it will cost you around 160 pesos for five minutes of fun and excitement. Not bad for the first five minutes but as your time goes up so does your expenses so I suggest that you do not offer to go here on your birthday or else all of your savings will come to nothing.

With pockets dry who do you think will have more fun you or your friends? The best things in life are free! I think you catch my drift.

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drinks Rediscover go-karting in Boomland. Boomland used to be called “Boom na Boom” so for those who are confused whether it’s a new theme park or not. It’s not.

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