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March 2003
Destination: Manila


Family at dinner A Family Affair
by Monica Obaldo

"I have to work late tonight. My favorite TV show is on right now. I have band practice. I'm too exhausted to cook..."

These are but few of the excuses we hear from family members (ourselves included) come dinnertime. In this day and age, gathering as a family at the dinner table is quite hard to accomplish, some would even say impossible. This is especially true of families with children aged 12 and up and with both parents working full-time. Each family member is involved in his or her own activities that time spent with the family is reduced to just a few hours a week.

Here lies the importance of the family dinner--making up for lost quality time. According to an article on the value of sharing meals by Gayle Peterson, "Sharing family dinners sets the stage for us to value our family relationships, rather than take them for granted..." Read more >>

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wasabi Where have all the party people gone on Friday and Saturday nights? Find out what hip places Filipinos love to hop.

resto bar One of the new trends of the Pinoy's bustling nightlife is the RESTO-BAR: a restaurant and a bar rolled up into one.

laughter Up for a night of laughs? Check out all the halls of fun where happy and gay people jive.

drinks Some would say we should be proud of our Filipino beer because it has a different unique taste. Yes, it does have a distinguishing taste from other beers.

Dancin' the Night Away
by Anna Teresa Tetangco

Wasabi Where have all the party people gone on Friday and Saturday nights? Of course, to places where all they do are dance, drink and dance again all night long. For only a couple of hundred bucks, these party goers can already have hours of fun not just with friends but also with people they do not even know who are just partying like they do. Dance clubs have been haven for people who have been tired and exhausted from the week that has just passed. Aside from being a sanctuary for dancing, it is also a great place to meet new people. Kultýre went on an expedition to find three of the most famed dance clubs in the metropolis on Saturday nights. Read more >>

Night Out With Drinks
by Zeri Yulo

Long Island Iced Tea The very first time I had a taste of alcohol was when I was two or three. Being a curious little kid, I wanted to find out what my dad was drinking. So without being fully aware, I got to drink my first beer, which my dad said I enjoyed. (I wouldnít be saying that now.) My second time came in high school. I thought my cousinís drink was some kind of strawberry drink but only to find out after a big gulp that it was spiked. Drinking alcohol is basically an acquired taste. Read more >>

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