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November 26, 2003
Episcopal Motto and Coat of Arms A Pastoral Letter...

Christ the

Christ the King, have mercy on us!

His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop + Francis Konrad Maria

My Dearly beloved in Christ,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

        How important is the beautiful Feast we celebrate today! For, as we well know, it is only when Our Lord Jesus Christ is universally acclaimed by all men as their King and Master and live according to His Divine commands that we shall see in our society and throughout the world the restoration of right order and resultant true peace. To this end do we direct our labor of love for Mary, our Queen and Mother, for the Heaven-sent peace plan She gave to us at Fatima is dependent upon our sincere response to Her demand for amendment of life. "Men must cease offending God, who is already too much offended!" If men do not acknowledge their Creator and live according to His laws, they revert to animal savagery.

        It is precisely because men do not acknowledge the reign of Christ the King in their personal lives and in society that we see the chaotic strife and diabolical confusion so present in all quarters today. Everywhere there is abundant evidence of the modern revolt against that right order which emanates from humble acceptance of Divine precepts. As self-centered men no longer respect and obey God, so do pampered children no longer respect and obey indulgent parents and elders, so do citizens no longer respect and obey unjust laws and corrupt government, and, most tragic of all, priests and religious no longer respect and obey the solemn teachings and traditions of the One, True Church founded by Jesus Christ. Where Christ does not reign, there in His stead reigns anti-Christ.

        Let us remember, however, that the presently raging murder, anger and defiance of youthful multitudes piercing and tattooing their bodies and faces in the manner of past pagan and demonic cults, and the apostate revolt of pharisaic priests and bishops wearing the sign of the beast on their hearts and souls, are only the ultimate fruition of centuries of human complicity with the Satanic plot to dethrone Christ the King and enthrone the anti-Christ. The "Non serviam" of Lucifer echoes across the ages, rebounding from the original sin of the parents of our race, unto the screaming mob who rejected their Redeemer-King with the Satanic howl "We have no king but Caesar!", manifesting itself in Jewish naturalism and the many resultant heresies through the centuries, bursting forth in the liberalism of the Protestant revolt against the earthly Vicar of Christ the King, and finally exploding into the violent and bloody overthrow of His Divine reign in the Freemasonic and Marxist revolutions of the past 200 years. None of these Satanic forces has ceased to foment insurrection, but rather can no rational man deny that the present convulsions of the earth and all its offspring are unmistakably the labor pains preceding the birth of the universal reign of the Luciferian kingdom.

        God help those who heed not the scriptural warning to beware the signs of these apocalyptic times! Never has there been an age of such universal rejection of Divine precepts by those to whom the teaching and safeguarding of those precepts has been entrusted! Not even the terrible Arian heresy threatened Catholic orthodoxy to the extent of the present day tentacles of modernist cancer which reach into even the tiniest parish church, shunting aside the Eucharistic throne of Christ the King and substituting the chair of the "president"! Nay, far more hellish than the age of Arianism is this present one in which we see the Church of the One World Brotherhood and its humanistic liturgy and doctrines being built upon the very ruins of Catholic Orthodoxy! Those churches from which Christ once reigned have been converted into synagogues of Satan with their Masonic butcher tables and their liturgy of the "People". How blind must one be not to recognize therein the very seeds of spiritual destruction which must surely produce the harvest of universal apostasy and the total rejection of the reign of our Divine King!

        Yea, the moral degeneracy, blatant immodesty, and predatory lust of our day rival even the banalities of Sodom at the height of its wickedness. How dare we then to do other than turn to Mary -- our life, our sweetness, our hope in the midst of impending darkness! Now, as never before, we must abandon ourselves to Her totally, without reserve. St. Louis Marie De Montfort's way of total consecration must become our own. As apostles of our heavenly Queen we shall experience the true freedom of living lives of right order in accord with the Divine precepts of Christ our King. We dare not hold back in this late hour, for therein shall be our doom! Let us give our all to Jesus through Mary lest we lose everything, including our souls. And, let us pray for one another.

Long live Christ the King!

The Most Reverend Bishop + Francis Konrad Maria
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Episcopus

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