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November 26, 2003

A Pastoral Letter...

Feast of the
Immaculate Conception
of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Most Reverend Bishop + Francis Konrad Maria

Dear friends in Our Immaculate Mother,

May our Heavenly Queen shower you with an abundance of graces and blessings on this beautiful Feast. That unique and special privilege of Our Blessed Mother which we celebrate today is one which provides us with much needed inspiration for our times. In the midst of present day moral decay, immodesty and blatant immorality, the spotless purity of the ever Virgin Mary lifts our hearts and minds out of the spiritual squalor which surrounds us, and reminds us of our eternal destiny as men created in the image and likeness of God. She who was created without stain, as a fitting "House of Gold" wherein would dwell the Incarnate Word, is a shining refutation of those in our age who would reduce man to the level of mere animal whose "natural instincts" compel him to follow his lower passions without restraint. Mary Immaculate must be the model for imitation by all women and girls who would be preserved from the debasing "equality" of modern womanhood, reduced to a common level of sex objects adorned with pagan vanities and flaunting their mini-skirted limbs before men, not unlike street-walkers displaying their wares. To those who accuse us of puritanical exaggeration we need only to point to the spiraling rate of abortions, contraceptives, illegitimate births, venereal disease, pornography, and promiscuity as ample evidence of the tragic immodesty and moral decay which assault the senses on every side. Within the Modern church we find the proponents of the "new morality" leading the souls of the young to subtle perversion and insidious perdition with their commendation of pornographic books and films under the guise of artistic and literary "reality," with their blatant programs of sex education, and their belittling of traditional morality, modesty, and chastity. Is it any wonder that some "religious" Sisters, casting aside their Habits of Consecration like foolish virgins in their mad haste to embrace the world, put aside their rosaries and scapulars and belittle devotion to the Immaculate Mary, in Whom they are scandalized? The audacity of the apostate New Breed who now control the "American" church seems to know no limits, as some of their number dare even to question the perpetual virginity of Mary and the Virgin birth. Could it be that Mary Conceived Without Sin is a glaring impediment to their rejection of original sin and the fall of man with its resultant effects? Is it not obvious that the ever-Virgin Mary is an intolerable obstacle to their ecumenical efforts to establish a new One World Church upon the ruins of Catholic orthodoxy? The apostles of modernist heresy cannot abide Her of whom it is said, "Thou alone, O Mary, hast crushed all heresies!"

Let then the Immaculate Mary be the model of all Christian women--let them turn aside from the vanities of a perverse age and give themselves to earnest imitation of Her modesty, purity, humility, and sweet gentleness. Let them rediscover the elevating spirit of true womanhood in living the humble Fiat of a faithful handmaid of the Lord. Let them spend less time in gossip and wasted conversation and more time in prayer and meditation. Let genuine womanly virtue shine forth in their living lives of consecration to the Beloved Crucified, be they mother, wife, virgin, or widow. Thus shall they radiate the inner beauty of a soul formed in intimate union with Mary -- loveliness far surpassing all physical beauty and superficial adornment. Let Christian girls be taught from their earliest youth to be Marylike in every way that they may persevere in virtue and "dwell forever in the temple of the Lord" as they ascend the sweet path of heavenly light. And let us all petition our Heavenly Queen and Mother not to forsake our own nation which is dedicated to Her under the glorious title of Her Immaculate Conception, as we witness our society sinking into the mire of materialism and moral corruption.

O Mary Conceived without Sin, Pray for Us Who Have Recourse to Thee!

In the Immaculate Mother of God,

The Most Reverend Bishop + Francis Konrad Maria, Episcopus

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