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November 26, 2003

Seasonal Devotions
for the Month
of August


The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Aug. 5

Our Lady of the Snows

Aug. 13 Mary, Refuge of Sinners
Aug. 15 The Dormition and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Aug. 30 Our Lady, Health of the Sick
Sept. 1 Consolatrix Afflictorum - Our Lady of Consolation of Kevelaer


Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost

Dear Mary, our Queen and our Mother, during this Novena we commend to Thy Immaculate Heart the petitions and intentions we have placed on Thine altar, that they may be granted as they are pleasing to the Divine Will and for the good of souls. We further commend to Thee and place under Thy protection: His Excellency, our Most Reverend Bishop; our Community of Clergy, Brothers, Sisters, and lay families; our Priory, Seminary, Schools, Center, Friary, and Convent; all of our Fatima Cells and Crusaders; our loved ones, benefactors, the conversion of our enemies and detractors; and all those who have asked to be remembered in our prayers.


Immaculate Heart of Mary - Pray for our dear country.
I.H.M. - Sanctify our clergy.
I.H.M. - Make our Catholics more fervent.
I.H.M. - Guide and inspire those who govern us.
I.H.M. - Cure the sick who confide in thee.
I.H.M. - Console the sorrowful who trust in thee.
I.H.M. - Help those who invoke thine aid.
I.H.M. - Deliver us from all dangers.
I.H.M. - Help us to resist temptations.
I.H.M. - Obtain for us all we lovingly ask of thee.
I.H.M. - Make our family and Religious life holy.
I.H.M. - Help those who are dear to us.
I.H.M. - Bless the work of our Fatima apostolate.
I.H.M. - Bring back to the right road our erring brothers.
I.H.M. - Give us back our ancient fervor.
I.H.M. - Obtain for us pardon of our manifold sins and offenses.
I.H.M. - Bring all men to the feet of thy Divine Child.
I.H.M. - Obtain peace for the world.

Let us Pray: O God of infinite goodness and mercy, fill our hearts with a great confidence in Thy most holy Mother, whom we invoke under the title of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and grant us by Her most powerful intercession all the graces, spiritual and temporal, which we need. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

 Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Most Holy Virgin, and our beloved Mother, we listen with grief to the complaints of thy Immaculate Heart, surrounded with thorns which ungrateful men place therein at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude. Moved by the ardent desire of loving thee as our Mother and of promoting true devotion to thy Immaculate Heart, we prostrate ourselves at thy feet to prove the sorrow we feel for the grief that men cause thee and to atone by means of our prayers and sacrifices for the offenses with which men return thy tender love. Obtain for them and for us the pardon of so many sins. A word from thee will obtain grace and forgiveness for us all. Hasten O Lady, the conversion of sinners, that they may love Jesus and cease to offend God, already so much offended, and thus avoid eternal punishment. Turn thine eyes of mercy toward us so that henceforth we may love God with all our hearts while on earth and enjoy Him forever in Heaven. Amen.


O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of all Hearts, behold us here humbly kneeling before Thee. With shame and regret we acknowledge that we have offended and hurt Thee and Thy Son by our sins, our indifference and neglect. We deserve nothing but punishment, but, dear Mother, what would become of us were we to be abandoned by Thee? That, we know, will never happen if we but turn to Thee and come to Thee as little children. Grant us, dear Mother an ever increasing love of Thee and Thy Son, and detachment from all things that take us away from Thee. Give us heartfelt sorrow for our faults and sins, a firm purpose of amendment, and a fire of love that will express itself in acts of penance done lovingly and eagerly for the wrongs done by ourselves and others. When Thou hast granted us this, we are confident that Thy Immaculate Heart will not cease to bestow favors upon us, and that Thou wilt grant us, if it be to the glory of God, and for the good of souls, the petitions which we have placed at Thy feet.

May the Immaculate Heart be loved and praised by all men and Angels,
forever and ever. Amen.


Thou art all beautiful, O Mary,
and the stain of Original Sin is not in Thee.
Thou art the bright and Morning Star.
Thou art the hope of those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death.
Thou art the Tree of Life, O Mary,
he who is nourished by Thee shall live forever.
Thou art the Gate of Heaven, O Mother beloved,
and no one shall enter save through Thee.
Thou art the City of Peace, O Mary,
and all who dwell in Thee shall find abiding rest.
Thou art the Heaven of the Lord,
in Thee He dwells with exceeding gladness.
Immaculate art Thou, O Virgin of virgins,
and the mountain snows are not so pure as Thee.
Thou art exalted above all the children of men,
and Thou shalt reign forever and ever.
In Thee, O Mary, is loveliness beyond all telling,
for the glory of the Lord is in Thee.
Thou art the Garden of God, O my Beloved,
in Thee are the fragrance and beauty of all the virtues.
Thou art strong and mighty and glorious,
O Mary, and the enemies of God shall flee before Thy face.
Thou art the Evening Star, O Mary,
and Thou shalt guide our way through the night even to the dawn.

Hymn: O Sanctissima
O Sanctissima, O purissima, dulcis Virgo Maria.
Mater amata, intemerata, ora, ora pro nobis.

Tota pulchra es, O Maria et macula non est in te.
Mater amata, intemerata, ora, ora pro nobis.

Our Lady of the Snows
August 5th

     The time was the year 352, so soon after the birth of Jesus that many did not know about Him, and many "dared" not know, for fear of persecution. The city of Rome, Italy, was fast becoming a Catholic center, and there resided Pope Liberius, the Holy Father, Successor of the Holy Apostle, St. Peter. Among his loyal subjects were a noble patrician, John, and his wife. This couple was very holy and devout. They were not blessed with children, so it was their desire that their worldly goods should be given to the Mother of God. They discussed this with Pope Liberius and he counseled them to commend this holy intention to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fervently, they besought her to show them her desire by some sign.

     During the night of August 5th, the Virgin Mary appeared to John and his wife, and also to Pope Liberius, telling them to construct a church in her honor on the crest of the Esquiline Hill. As a sign of her will, she told them, they would find it covered with snow. Imagine the great excitement of a snowfall during the first days of the hot month of August. That is exactly what happened on the night of August 5th, 352. In the morning, almost all of Rome thronged to the Esquiline Hill as the news spread that snow had fallen there during the sultry night, outlining the precise shape of the church requested by Our Lady. John, his wife, and Pope Liberius, told the crowd the snow was a favor from the Immaculate Queen of Heaven. When the people learned this, they shouted over and over again, "Our Lady of the Snows!"
     The crest of the Esquiline hill, therefore, became the site of a church dedicated to the Mother of God, just as she wished. This was ancient Rome, early in Christianity, only 352 a.d. - almost sixteen hundred and fifty years ago! This was the origin of the title: Our Lady of the Snows.
     The church built in her honor is known today as the Basilica of Saint Mary Major (Santa Maria Maggiore), because it is the Mother of all churches throughout the world dedicated to our Heavenly Queen. This church in Rome is the original Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. In honor of Pope St. Liberius (who suffered exile during the Arian heresy), it is also called the "Liberian Basilica."

(Read the full article on the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.)

"She is the brightness of eternal light; and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty, and the image of His goodness." (Wisdom 7:26)

Thou art all fair, O Mary, and the stain of original sin is not in Thee, Thy garments are white as snow, and Thy face is like the sun. Hail Mary...

Mary speaks: Blessed is the man that hears me, and that watches daily at my gates, and waits at the posts of my doors. (Prov. 8:34)

Let us Pray. Grant us, Thy servants, we beseech Thee, O Lord God, that we may be blessed with health of soul and body, and by the glorious intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, be freed from the sorrows of this present life and enjoy everlasting bliss. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

 Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners
Triduum, Aug. 10-12; Feast, Aug. 13

     The worst evil that can befall man is sin. God has not only prepared for us a remedy against sin in the merits of Jesus Christ, but has given us poor sinners a secure refuge in the help of the Blessed Virgin. It was Her privilege to be exempt from all sin, so the principal grace She obtains for Her clients is to preserve them from sin. If you should have the misfortune of falling into sin, go to your Heavenly Mother and beg Her for the grace of true contrition. Pray especially for souls who are weighed down by sin, that they may not despair but find refuge in the loving arms of their Heavenly Mother.

"His Mercy is from generation unto generation, to those who fear Him." (Luke 150)

O Virgin Mother, remember to speak in our behalf in the presence of God and keep His displeasure from coming upon us! Thou the Source of pardon, Thou, the Mother of Grace, Thou, the Hope of the world! Hear us as we cry to Thee.  Hail Mary...

Mary speaks: He who hearkens unto me shall not be confounded: and they who work by me, shall not sin. (Ecclus. 24:30)

Let us Pray. O Almighty and Merciful God, Who in the Blessed Virgin Mary hast given a refuge and a help, grant us, who are protected by her, the forgiveness of all our sins and the blessings of Thy mercy. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

Novena, Aug. 6-14; Feast, Aug. 15

     This is the most ancient and solemn of the Blessed Virgin Mary's feasts. After a most blessed death Our Lady was triumphantly assumed into Heaven with her immaculate soul and pure body, and was crowned Queen of Heaven by Her own Divine Son. Let us unite our joy and gratitude with that of the angels and saints in Heaven, as well as that of the Church upon earth, for it is our Heavenly Mother's Coronation Day. How well did she deserve this immortal crown! She crushed the serpent's head; she offered herself and her beloved Son unto death for the Redemption of mankind. She triumphed over the world and the devil. Let us pray that the Immaculate Virgin Mary may reign as Queen in our hearts, and in the hearts of all mankind. Let us pray to her for the grace of final perseverance in good and a happy death.

"All generations shall call me blessed, for He that is mighty hath done great things unto me." (Luke 1:48)

Come, let us adore the King of kings! This day His Virgin Mother was taken up to Heaven. The angels rejoice; they praise and thank the Lord. Glory be to the Father...

"Virgin most prudent whither goest Thou like the rosy dawn? Daughter of Sion, Thou art all fair and lovable; beautiful as the moon, bright as the sun. (Canticles 6:9) Hear, O Daughter, and see and incline Thy ear: for the King has greatly desired Thy beauty. (Ps. 44:11) Hail Mary...

Thou art blessed by the Lord, O Mary, for through Thee we have shared in the Fruit of Life. Because of Thee, the gates of Heaven were opened to us, O Thou who this day dost reign gloriously with the angels! Behold, Thou art raised above the choirs of the angels! Intercede for us with the Lord, our God. Turn to us in Thy beauty and loveliness. Come forth in majesty and reign! Hail Mary...

Thou art the Gate of Heaven and the Morning Star, Virgin Mary, Mother of the eternal King, and our Queen! Make us pleasing to Thy Son, for all virtue, honor and glory shine forth from Thee, O Holy Mother of God, we fly to Thy patronage. Our Mother, our Queen, take us as Thine own! Hail Mary...

Mary speaks: "And so was I established in Sion, and in the holy city likewise I rested, and my power was in Jerusalem... and my abode is in the full assembly of saints." (Ecclus. 24:15)

Let us Pray. Almighty and everlasting God, Who hast taken up the Immaculate Virgin Mother of Thy Son, with body and soul into the heavenly glory, grant, we beseech Thee, that we may, always intent on higher things, deserve to be partakers of Her glory. Through the same Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, One God, forever, unto ages of ages. Amen.

Thou Guide of virgin hosts, Fair Mother of the Lord,
Who gavest back what Adam lost, earth's Hope and Heaven's Reward.

 Thou Lily'mid the thorns, thou snowy-plumed Dove,
Thou budding Rod that God adorns with healing fruit of love.

Thou unassailed Tower, thou Star that breakest night,
From evil shield us by Thy power, and lead us by Thy light.

The shades of sin dispel, the hidden snares remove,
And midst the ocean's surging swell, a saving pathway prove.

Be praise and honor meet to Jesus, Virgin-born,
To Father and to Paraclete, throughout the endless morn. Amen.

V. Pray for us, O Queen of the Heavens,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promise of Christ.

Let us Pray. May the offering of our devotion ascend to Thee, O Lord, and through the intercession of the most blessed Virgin Mary, who was taken up into Heaven, may our hearts be inflamed with the fire of love, and continually long for Thee. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, One God, forever, unto ages of ages. Amen.


OLMCandStSimonStock.JPG (14698 bytes)

Our Lady, Health of the Sick
Triduum, August 23-25; Feast, August 26

Not only has God given us His grace and the Sacraments to aid us in our spiritual sickness, which is a result of original sin, but He has entrusted us to the care of a loving Mother. The devotion of the faithful has also chosen Mary as the healer of bodily ailments. Recommend to Her all the sick throughout the world. If God has sent you sickness, or if He should do so, have recourse to your Heavenly Mother, the Health of the Sick.

"In me is all hope of life, and of virtue." (Ecclus. 24:25)

Holy Mary, help those in need; strengthen the weak; comfort the sorrowful; pray for the people; plead for priests; intercede for all devout women. May all who are celebrating Thy feastday obtain help!  Hail Mary...

Mary speaks: I am the salvation of the people! In whatever distress they may cry to me, I will hear them.

Let us Pray. Grant us, Thy servants, we beseech Thee, O Lord God, that we may be blessed with health of soul and body, and by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, be freed from the sorrows of this present life and enjoy everlasting bliss. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, One God, forever, unto ages of ages. Amen.

Consolatrix Afflictorum
Our Lady of Consolation of Kevelaer

Triduum, August 28-30; Feast, August 31

The beautiful shrine of Our Lady of Consolation of Kevelaer is in Germany, is near Xanten, not far from the Dutch border. It is famous in both Holland and Germany as a place of healing, especially for little children.

In 1641, a trader named Busman was crossing a desolate moor where lay the ruins of a once prosperous city. Stopping an instant at a wayside shrine to whisper a prayer for the departed inhabitants, he heard a sweet voice say to him: "You will build a sanctuary in my honor in this place" This message was repeated two more times before Busman was convinced that God truly desired this of him. Not being very wealthy, he and his wife began to set aside their pennies to build a little shrine.

Sometime later, his wife had a vision in which she saw enshrined a modest little picture some soldiers had tried to sell her a few days before. Husband and wife sought out the soldiers and bought the picture, though it seemed too small and crude to be worth all the trouble. It was only a poor copy of Our Lady, Consoler of the Afflicted at Luxembourg. Strangely enough, however, crowds were mysteriously drawn to the Busman home where the little picture was kept before a modest shrine could be built for it. And, then the cures began taking place. First, there was a little four-year old born blind; a little boy, mute, regained his speech; several crippled children from Holland were cured. The news flew from village to village and the afflicted little ones were brought to their Heavenly Mother in ever increasing numbers.

In 1643, a new shrine was begun and, when completed, a little statue was placed above the high altar. This Chapel of the Candles was then superseded in 1864 by a splendid Church, crowned as a Basilica in 1892. Pilgrims come in single file through a narrow passage to venerate the original little print and to marvel at the means Our Lady uses to accomplish Her designs of mercy in this vale of tears.

Amid the sorrows of this earthly pilgrimage God has provided for us, in the continual help of our Heavenly Mother Mary, a rich source of consolation. Our Lady's power to console the afflicted arises mainly from this, that she above all others has known sorrow. She has taught us by her example never to despair of God's help, but to value at their proper worth the crosses He sends us. In all our pains and disappointments, let us not not seek relief in worldly pleasures, which soon pass away; rather, let us unite our sufferings with those of Jesus and His sorrowful Mother, in whom alone the afflicted can find true consolation.

"Come to me all you who long for me and be enriched with my blessings, for my spirit is sweeter than honey" (Ecclus. 24:26)

Hail holy Mother, Thou who didst bring forth the King who rules Heaven and earth forever, intercede for us!  Hail Mary...

Mary Speaks: "Just as a Mother caresses her child, thus will I console thee."

Let us Pray. O Lord Jesus Christ, Father of Mercies and God of all consolation, grant in Thy loving kindness that we who joyfully venerate on earth Mary, Thy most pure Mother, as our Comforter, may deserve to enjoy with Her the unending happiness of Heaven. Who livest and reignest forever, unto ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of Kevelaer

        Remember, O dear Lady of Kevelaer, Comfortress of the Afflicted, that Jesus has promised Heaven only to the little ones and those who are like them. Of all the afflicted who have knelt at thy feet, pleading for thy motherly comfort and protection, surely my sins render me the most needy and afflicted of all! Come to my aid, my dearest Mother! I promise thee that I will ever imitate the little ones whose simple faith, unwavering hope, and loyal unfeigned love make them so dear to Jesus and to thee. Deign then to cure me, O all-powerful Mediatrix with thy Divine Son, and despise not the prayers and petitions of the little ones who kneel here at thy feet. Comfort and bless, dearest Mother, all the children of the world, those nearest and dearest to me, and especially all who, little though they may be, suffer persecution for their holy Catholic Faith. Amen.

Let us Pray. Dear Lady of Kevelaer, bring back the German people to the true Catholic Faith. Abandon them not in their hour of darkness, but remember those many centuries when the German Empire preserved and defended the holy Catholic Faith, giving the glory thereof to thee. Cease not, therefore, thy efforts to bring them back into the path of light, truth, and life which is Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Amen.

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