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November 26, 2003


Vol. 42, Issue No. 118

Our Lady of Banneux, Virgin of the PoorOUR LADY OF BANNEUX
Virgin of the Poor

      Twelve days after the last apparition of Our Lady of Beauraing, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in nearby Banneux in the Diocese of Liége, Belgium. On that January 15, 1933, the Bishop of Liége had consecrated his diocese in a most solemn manner in honor of the Mother of God under the title of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This consecration was done in response to the apparitions at Fatima. Near the same hour, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Mariette Beco, a child eleven years of age, whose father was a socialist and did not practice his Faith. (He was converted during the apparitions.)

        Our Lady appeared eight times in the afternoon, in the family garden, where Mariette awaited her praying the Rosary. On four occasions she beckoned Mariette to follow her down a nearby road to a spring. Here she instructed Mariette, as she had instructed Saint Bernadette, to dip her hands into the water.

        She revealed, "I am the Virgin of the Poor; this spring is reserved for the sick of all nations. I come to relieve those who suffer." Our Lady asked for a small chapel. When Mariette related the apparition to the parish chaplain, he asked for a sign before he would believe. After Mariette petitioned this of Our Lady, she responded, "Believe in me; I shall believe in you." The chaplain was not satisfied with this and secretly said to himself, if the Lady answers, "I am the Mother of the Savior~the Mother of God," he would believe.

        At the last apparition Our Lady repeated these very words, which are now emblazoned in the Shrine. While leaving Mariette, Our Lady placed her hand on Mariette's head, blessed her and confided a secret as she had done to other seers, and said, "Pray very much. Adieu." Ecclesiastical approval was given by the Bishop on August 22, 1949. The water of the spring has been attested by many miracles in healing the sick.

    The Feast of Our Lady of Banneux is observed on January 15th.

Invocations to Our Lady of Banneux
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
lead us to Jesus, the Source of Grace.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
save all nations.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
Fountain of Grace, sanctify us.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
relieve the suffering.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
relieve the sick.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
pray for each one of us.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
we believe in thee.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
believe in us.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
we shall pray very much.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
bless us.
Blessed Virgin of the Poor,
Mother of the Savior,
Mother of God,
we thank thee.

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