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November 26, 2003

Our Lady's Words to Jacinta

Those of us who profess to be followers and promoters of the message of Our Lady of Fatima must ourselves live that message in its every aspect before we can expect others to accept our efforts to promote it among them.

If we are to be faithful apostles of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, then we must be "other Jacintas and Franciscos." We must take Her words to heart without exception, just as did the little shepherds to whom She entrusted Her Peace Plan from Heaven.

It is not for us to choose and select that part of Her message which appeals to us, and to reject that part which discomfits us or does not suit our way of living. Thus could we not call ourselves true apostles of Our Lady of Fatima were we to faithfully pray the Rosary daily, while at the same time refusing to accept Our Lady's pleas for penance, simply because it might disturb our comfortable, materialistic way of life. As also would it be an obvious mockery of Our Blessed Mother to call ourselves Her devotees or apostles while at the same time in any way cooperating with the present modernist perversion and destruction of the Church founded by Her Divine Son.

How disheartening, then, it must be to our dear Blessed Mother to witness so many of those who profess to be Her devotees going forth to promote every aspect of Her message but that part which displeases them. How deeply do they plunge the sword of grief into Her Immaculate Heart - those hypocrites who call themselves Our Lady's devotees, while rejecting Our Lady's words to little Jacinta: "Certain fashions are introduced which gravely offend my Divine Son."

How shallow is proven to be the depth of their faithfulness to their loving Mother as these mini-skirted mockeries of Mary's pleas for modesty dare to enter the House of God, and even to receive the Sacred Body of Our Lord: One wonders how they dare to take Rosary in hand with their skirts and dresses well above the knee and their plunging necklines. Surely the hearts and consciences of these unthinking girls and women must be unbelievably hardened not to realize that the over-exposure of their bodies is a source of lustful temptation to all normal men and boys. True it is that there are some fickle males even among the clergy, who profess to be "unaffected" and mockingly assert that "styles must change with the times." To these we need pay little heed as they are hardly representative of true manhood. And their objection that modern thinking does not react so lustfully to more daring styles is readily made false by the decaying morality prevalent on all sides. To deny that normal men and boys are tempted by the above-the-knee and plunging neckline styles of today is to deny that consequence of original sin - the struggle between flesh and spirit. Have we proceeded so far along the path of Chardinian evolution as to have become zombies no longer subject to temptations of the flesh? Such an assertion is pure rubbish - nonsense that could be repeated only by men (clergy or lay) who have themselves evolved into an effeminate perversion of manhood. How appropriate at this point are these words of Pope Pius XII:

"How many young girls there are today who do not see any wrong-doing in following certain shameless fashion styles LIKE SO MANY SHEEP! They would certainly blush if they could guess the impression they make and the feelings they evoke in those who see them. What sins are committed or provoked by this public display of deliberate and calculated immodesty? HOW LAX HAVE CONSCIENCES BECOME, HOW PAGAN MORALS!"

What a ringing admonition are these words of the Holy Father in contrast to the liberal, compromising laymen, priests, and religious who condone modern styles and thereby willingly collaborate in the perversion of morals and the damnation of souls.

To what extent this hypocrisy has reached has been readily evidenced in recent years by incidents such as these:

  • Several national conferences of "conservative" Catholics, loudly mouthing concerned preachments and lamenting the spread of Communism in the world and liberalism in the Church, while parading to the podium and about the conference floor in modern styles which "offend my Divine Son very much" (Our Lady). What pitiful hypocrites are these - lamenting the spread of those evil forces which God is permitting to spread because of the immodest styles they themselves are wearing! How much easier for these "conservatives" to gather together and loudly protest the very cancers of which they are the cause by their refusal to heed Our Lady's pleas for modesty than to humbly obey the Mother of God's demands for "amendment of life!" How egotistical these pseudo-traditionalists and "conservatives" who gather to substitute man-made solutions of their own creation for the Divine solution given to them at Fatima!

  • A recent round-the world "pilgrimage" to deliver statues of Our Lady of Fatima to various countries was in fact a tragic mockery of Our Lady's message as Her pleas for modesty were ignored by various of the mini-skirted "pilgrims" who dared to march in procession as part of the contingent "accompanying the statue."

  • The height of obscene mockery of Our Lady appeared in the Holy Cross "Ave Maria" magazine in an article (pages 28-29) scoffing at the very idea of modesty, during the anti-Marian trend of the early Vatican II years. (The demise of the magazine followed shortly thereafter.)

These incidents, with so many others, make us wonder that the heavy hand of God's justice has not yet severely chastised and purified the Church and the world.

Any girl or woman whose dress does not cover her knees entirely when seated, or whose plunging neckline flaunts her immodest vanity, is unworthy of the name Christian, much less a follower of Our Lady of Fatima. Such a woman is responsible before God for every sin of impurity incited in the minds of men by her immodest dress. She may scoffingly laugh it off now, but will she laugh as she stands in judgment before the Throne of God, Who sent His holy Mother to warn against such styles? (Let us remember Our Lord's admonition that those men who so much as "look upon a woman with lust in their heart are guilty of adultery!")

Any man who would remain in the presence of an immodestly dressed woman or girl without reprimanding her and refusing to be seen with her is guilty of condoning such grievous offense against God by his very silence, and is also a hypocrite unworthy of the name of Christian.

Any parent who permits their daughter or son to wear the modern immodest styles are subject to the condemnation of scripture - "it would be better that they tie a millstone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea."

Any priest who permits immodestly dressed women to enter the House of God or gives them Communion is "guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord!" The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those squeamish priests and bishops afraid to speak out and who would "rather offend God than offend men." The priest's duty is to preach the truth openly without compromise, no matter who they might upset or offend because they are not living in conformity to the laws of God!

Any priest or religious who would permit girls to enter their schools or classrooms immodestly dressed are also guilty of giving scandal to God's children, and would be better off to "tie a millstone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea."

The words of the Mother of God warning against immodest fashions cannot be taken lightly by anyone who professes to be Her devotee, or to be a promoter of Her message of Fatima! To do so is to incur the wrath of our God, Who is "already too much offended!"

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