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Welcome to the official website of the Mex Uzbans Clan. The Mex Uzbans Clan is one of the seven clans in the kingdom of Khazad-dum on the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza. The clan is composed of mainly Dwarves, but also includes a few Gondorians, Elves, Istari and Hobbits. Despite the diversity, every member has a love for food or coffee and a desire to contribute to the clan as a whole. Please take a look around our site as well as a look at our thread. Also, don't forget to sign the guest book!

Current Mex Projects

Tala and Nara have nearly completed this. It will be uploaded to the KD pages on the Plaza. Biographies are pending from most Members. These can be posted in the OOC thread.

Clan & Restaurant Menus
Pending. Nara is in charge of this. Volunteers needed.

Khazad Katering
Up and running! Delivering the best food from snacks and pastries to an 8-course banquet!  ShEru is in charge and training Palin as Delivery Manageress.

The Farm
Soleil is developing this, with help from Vilk. The Farm also provides wood to the Yukogs, as well as wool from the sheep.  GP is researching added-value farm produce and Soleil is drawing a map. Also, a greenhouse is to be constructed to grow beautiful flowers for table decorations.

Tala has stepped down as head Huntress, and Kat has been appointed in her place. Kat will now be leading the hunt training, and a new major hunt is being planned. All ideas welcomed!

Annolori's Dream

Annolori calls all the Mexs round the Kitchen table, "Gather round folks. now some of you may know this, some not. I also double up as Rune Chief in the Mojacs where I will shortly be giving rune readings. But as well as reading the future through the runes, sometimes visions come to me in my dreams." Anno's eyes take on a far-away look. "And this is the Vision I had last night:

I saw that the Mex Uzbans had become the most active and creative Clan in Khazad Dum. I saw that we had 30 active members and honorary members.

I dreamed that this Kitchen thread remained the core of our activities where we all came for the comradeship, to discuss new ideas and nibble on food.

I dreamed that our recipes and the range of food we prepared grew so large that our website overflowed. I saw that each and every one of our restaurants was unique and entertaining; drawing visitors from all Kingdoms to marvel at the hospitality of the Dwarves. I dreamed that we were regularly asked to hold banquets for special occasions. I dreamed that our food contests became a regular thread. I dreamed that we franchised our delivery service concept to all Kingdoms.

I dreamed that the Farm grew into a major enterprise, not only providing meat, fish, fowl, animal fodder, herbs and vegetables to the Kitchen. It also made added-value products such as cheeses, smoked produce and preserves both for the Kitchen and the Farmer's Market. I saw a Herbalist thread opening which sold herbs for cooking, for medicinal purposes and a ranger of herbal-based beauty products.

I dreamed that our Hunters kept our Farm safe from predators and provided all the wild game the Kitchen needs. I saw that our Hunters' skills grew to such an extent that visitors from other Kingdoms would come to learn from them in a training thread and participate in our food hunt RPGs.

I dreamed that our Dragon Hunts broke all box-office records continuously.

But I did not need to dream this: That the Mex Uzbans, small or large, was a fun place to be - thanks to you all!

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in joining the number one clan in Khazad-dum, click here to be led to the current Mex Uzban Thread. Be sure to read the first post and fill out the application. If you wish to ask a few questions about us before you join, feel free to do so at the same site. Happy Cooking!

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