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With the signing of the MOU, life for Muslims in the east has become difficult. Extortion, kidnapping and evictions are common news with the LTTE having a free hand. What can the Muslim community do to ensure justice and dignity in any peace deal? Enter the discusssion
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     Consolidating the Muslim Identity - By Afdhel Halaldeen
    All about Sri Lankan Muslim culture, history, habits and practices.
     The Muslims and Sri Lanka                   Moor or Muslim? Who came first?
     Ramazan in Sri Lanka                             From where did the Moors come?
     The Story of the Ka'aba
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    Political articles and issues relevant to Muslims.
     Genocide in Madrasah's new! - Send your ideas to the author.
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     Emerging ethnic consciousness in contemporary Muslim society
     EXCLUSIVE Excerpts relevent to Muslims from the book India, 'We Tamils' and Sri      Lanka published in 1987 and written by S.Piyesena and R.Y Senadheera.
     The National Ethnic Question and the Muslims: decisions taken at the conference      convened and organized by the Muslim Peace Forum.
     Lankan Muslims protest Taliban's destruction of statues
     Friday Sermons in Mosques - a letter
     Mockery of the New Moon
     Umma bashes Hakeem as Prabhakaran sycophant
    An eye on happenings in Sri Lanka and South Asia.
     Remembering Katankudi - Photos                                       
     LTTE has still not stopped killing Muslims
     LTTE robs school computer equipment
     Atrocities against Muslims in Trincomalee Continues
     Muslims find Tigers’ intentions still suspect
     Mosque Massacres Revisited
     Muslims have a Case in Sri Lanka
    Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan       Jammu and Kashmir
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