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Hosted Articles

VIA Eden Platform
VIA's Eden platform will introduce a new age in small form factor computing. Finally there is a small form factor PC that isn't under-powered and one that is built on proven technology. This article will look at the unreleased Eden platform from VIA and the components used in designing it.
LindowsOS 1.0 Preview
This operating system is meant to bring choice and bridge the compatibility gap between Windows and Linux. LindowsOS is currently unreleased with only previews distributed at the moment. This article will look at what LindowsOS is designed to be and not what the final product will offer. I hope I will have the chance to do this at a latter date.
Pioneer DVD-106S
A few years ago DVD-ROM drives in computers were few and far between in the real world, and they were only just starting to catch on in the consumer market. A couple of years have changed all that with the significant drop in prices and the increase in computing power have made playing DVD movies on a computer a cheap and viable solution.
Speed King's StarCraft Page
StarCraft is one gem of a game that although released back in 1998 is still played and has a rather large following on the Internet today. StarCraft is a game with three races which are fighting for control of the StarCraft universe.
Windows Bloat - Effect on Games
With every new version of Windows there are new features and gadgets as well as better support for a variety of new technologies and devices. What many people don't realise is that all this comes at a cost. This cost is hard disk space and memory. Over the past seven years we have seen four new releases...
Shuttle SV24 - My View
This would have to be the ultimate low cost PC. The Shuttle SV24's compact size allows it to perform many tasks that a normal PC is just too big for or to much of a burden to set up. Feature wise it is no slouch because it includes many features that are usually reserved for the expensive high end machines.
Microsoft Windows NT History
With Windows XP just days away from official release I thought I'd take you on a trip down memory lane for the Windows NT operating systems. If you ever wanted to find out where Windows XP's roots are and find out about the operating systems that helped paved the way for the new release of Windows, then read on!
Microsoft Jokes
You either like them or hate them but they will always be on the receiving end of some jokes. A little while ago I got these emailed to me and I've finally go around to posting them on my website for your enjoyment!
Office Suite Comparison
An office suite is one of the most important pieces of software for your computer if you are the productive type. The question is which one suites you best? Well I've looked at this aspect and compiled this comparison to take a look at this using three of the most popular office suites on Windows and Linux!
Red Hat Linux 7.1
Red Hat Linux 7.1 is currently the latest release for this great Linux company. Linux is at it's best in the server market but it is still a viable alternative to Windows for the desktop. This review looks at Red Hat Linux 7.1 itself and looks at how it handles and performs in some common software!