Video Game Arrangements

NOTE: The songs I entered into the Dwelling of Duels Competition are NOT the final product. Based on the reviews and feedback I get from other participants I make a lot of changes. If you see one of my songs listed on a page that is not mine, it is an old version of the song. The updated songs can be found on this page.

Put the Foot Down
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Heist - Put the Foot Down. By far my favorite video game arrangement I've released yet. This arrangement was heavily influenced by CarboHydroM, a video game remixer who specializes in punk rock. I like this piece in particular, because the entire process I went through to come up with the final product was an incredible learning experience for me, it taught me a lot about drum track programming, making a broad mix (really using the left and right speakers), and was a crash course lesson in using EQ. Produced for the Dwelling of Duels Competition in May, 2005 for the Konami Theme.
Lonely Throne
Super Mario 64 - Lonely Throne. The source material for this song is Bowser's Theme from Super Mario 64. The inspiration for this is that to have everything is not as good as it seems, and to rule alone, you must be lonely (Awkward way to put it, but you get the gist). I wrote lyrics for it, that I may or may not record at some point. This is a jazzy type piece I still have mixed feelings about. Overall, it's pretty cool. I think to an unattentive listener, it's just a very chill, relaxed song. But it's lacking in several regards. First of all, the solos are very unorganized with little or no direction, and an abundance of wah pedal. The arrangement could be better too, it's just sort of a jam piece, and the drums don't sound all there. One thing I really like about it is the intro and the sort of chill jazz club feel the song has. Recorded for the Dwelling of Duels competition in July of 2005.

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