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As an area of study
M.I.S is commenly referred to as
Information Technology Management.
Strategic Planning
M.I.S    ROLES...?
The Functional Support Role
The Decision Support Role
The Communication
Decision Support Role
The Performance Monitoring Role
The Study of the Information System is usually a Commerce and Business Administration Discipline, and frequently involves Software Engineering, but also distinguishes itself by concentrating on the integration of Computer Systems with the aims of the organization.

        The area of study should not be confused with the Computer Science which is more theoritical in nature and deals mainly with the software creation, or Computer Engineering, which focus more on the design of Computer Hardware.

In Business, INFORMATION SYSTEM support business processs and operations, decision-making, and competitive strategies.
Paper   Management
Quality  Management
Leadership &  Management
Time  Management
Content Management
Risk Management
Work Flow  Management
Business Management
Finance Management
Knowledge  Management
Performance Management
HR  Management
Change Management
Product  Management
Asset Management
ULD   Management
Multmedia  Management
MIS Get Together
Project  Management
Applied  Management
Abstract Management
Disaster  Management
@ Assurance that Established Controls are functioning properly
@   To Identify Inefficient Resources (IIR)

To Identify Inefficient Use of Resources (IIUR)

@   To Identify Inefficient Use of Substandard Performance (IIUSP)
Team Leader
Monitoring ?
Effective Monitoring ?
Managers ask HOW & WHEN
Managers focus on SYSTEMS
Managers do THINGS right
Managers rely on CONTROL
Managers have SHORT-TERM perspective
Managers ACCEPT status-quo
Managers have an eye on BOTTOM LINE
Managers IMITATE
Managers EMULATE the classic good soldier
Managers COPY
Generalization Managers concerned themselves with tasks and Leaders concerned themselves with peoples. This is not to say that leaders do not focus on the task. Indeed, one thing that characterises a great leader is that they achieve. The difference is that the leader realises that the achievement of the task comes about through the goodwill and support of others, while the Manager may not.
Leaders ask WHAT & WHY
Leaders focus on PEOPLE
Leaders do the RIGHT things
Leaders INSPIRE on trust
Leaders have a LONG-TERM perspective
Leaders CHALANGE the status-quo
Leaders have an eye on the HORIZON
Leaders are their own person
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