Another Day in the Life at Morning Star!
After the stormy rains that enveloped Bangalore during the middle of October 2005, and a few days break of no rain. 'Sunshine', a word much sought after, finally sprinkled the horizon. Ah!, but the large dark and gloomy clouds always hovered around as a reminder 'I'll Be Back'!!

Venturing out to Morning Star was quite an event, since the main road leading to them from the Outer Ring Road (ORR) was cut off during the rains, and the detour wasn't very encouraging, especially if one did not know the route, and the 'pot holes' and 'speed breakers' that Bangalore is now so famous for, added to one's Blessings!!

Arriving at the orphanage is always a joy, and the greeting one gets is so 'Royal'. This particular time I did arrive at the same time as Mr. and Mrs. Almitra Patel whose Maruti Alto you can see entering the drive in from the road, so the greetings were split, they being the senior couple, and some of the boys were in the fields, some watching a video, and a few just around, after all, it's 'holiday time'.

I had come with  pre-defined  motions as to what I was going to do. Armed with a Kodak DX3900 digital camera borrowed fro, my cousin Reubin, I immediately went into the fields where the children were having a great time plucking out the groundnuts that they had planted a month earlier, and also de-weeding, as other crops were being grown side by side.

Three weeks earlier, my daughter Joanne organized through the Management of her Fashion Design college, ALT, Bangalore, a German Shepherd puppy. Now was the time to catch up with the new companion for the children, and so I set off to locate 'REX ', (as the pup was named), and what joy to meet the little rascal. He did recognize me and I got all the muddy paws and licks of love!!

As the weather was good and holding, Mr. and Mrs. Almitra Patel were invited to plant a tree on the grounds, and so you can see all the angles of the 'ceremony ', with Rex getting in the first look too.

Taking a trip around the boundary of Morning Star, many flowers and trees can be seen, and some were very pretty. I liked the large trees (South Eastern side ), ideal for a picnic spot as I remarked to Joy who accompanied me. Going still further South, at the end of the field, was a stream running along the border of the property and one can see the main block from the Southern and Western sides.

Looking around, everything looked green, and a glimpse of the fruit trees and their flowers caught my attention. Sometimes you pass by all the beauty and just do not see it because there is so much to see in so little time.

Going up to the roof of the main building, it was quite a sight, seeing the clouds all around, with expectancy of rain to come. It was indeed a great panorama view as unlike the city, there are no buildings blocking the skyline and the air so clean and fresh. One can see the 'solar panels' and 'water tanks' that were gifted for the children to get hot water.

Looking over the balcony, one could have a view of the challenged children's proposed block foundations , with glimpses of the puddles of rain water left, but the foundation seemed to be intact.

The silent air was shattered buy the joyous shouts from the children as the 'Group ' of  Software Professionals who come every Sunday to teach the children ad arrived. Today however, the children were keen to play and not study as they were on holiday, and so a football game went into action, and some basic dribbling training was given by the 'group'.

While all the bustling was going on outside the main building, it was the time that challenged children had their own schedule. Some watched a video movie on their DVD player, while others felt that the warm sunlight was what they wanted, Some wanted to play with the ' medicine ball ', and that activity was in progress. This is an area that visitors and you all are invited to join in. So many children, so few arms to hug them! A baby's pram was given to Morning Star by equipment@vsnl through the Patel couple.

Walking around the garden, reaching the 'painted' wall, one can turn a full clockwise and nothing greets you except greenery and the Park . There were some 'old Macdonald ' essence scattered around like rabbits, pigeons, chickens, cats, dogs, turkeys, a farm? a home? it has a little of everything, as the children are encouraged to look after the birds and animals as part of their growing up.

After a relaxing day, fully recharged with the compressed energy rubbed off from the children, I reluctantly left for home. I did have to leave earlier than I wanted to to, because the roads were full of pot holes and I wasn't taking my changes of surprises!!

It was a great day. Wish you were there, it's holiday season.. Why don't you take a trip and spend a few hours if not the day. Because of the simplicity of Morning Star, they may not be i a position to offer you much or anything, but their love will fill you. Come on a picnic and enjoy yourselves.

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