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What a 'pretty' diver !

Pictures of girls in heady diving equipment is vary rare, but I had managed to get this 2 pictures, which I think are very nice. The picture on the left showing a girl in a diving helmet, the helmet is a Kirby-Morgan SuperLite 17A/B, used by many commercial divers. The helmet is attach to a yoke sealing, which seals to the divers neck. The suit she use is a hot water suit, which means that hot water is pumped from the surface to the diver and then circulated through the divers suit. This type of suits is very used by divers, who dives in great deeps for a long time.

The picture on the right, is also showing a girl, which is donning a Kirby-Morgan SuperLite Diving Helmet. She uses a neoprene neck dam, to which the helmet is secured with the big 'clips'.

Why use a full face mask ?

The full face mask is about to become more and more popular, not only for the professional diver, also the recreational diver use these masks more and more. The price has gone down over the last couple of year, and the full face mask has several good tings to offer:

  • Breathing trough the nose.

  • Extra comfort when diving in cold water

  • Easy installation of communications equipment

  • Protection against contaminated water, special if used with a Latex Hood.

Helmets is primarily used by professional divers, which have to stay for a very long time in cold of contaminated water, and a helmet is the ONLY way to protect the diver 100% from polluted water.

Below, some of the full face mask and helmets on the market today, is shown:

Full Face Mask
Hard Helmet
AGA Divator MKIIThis Full Face Mask is very popular, not only by professional divers, but also by recreational divers, who often dive in cold water.

The mask is available with 2 types of regulator, an ordinary demand regulator, or a 'positive pressure' regulator, which keep a positive pressure inside the mask, this add an extra safety feature while diving in contaminated or dirty water.

The mask is also available with communications equipment which is required in may countries today, to be used by professional divers. The microphone is place just over the regulator in the front of the mask. The speaker in the harness just next to the divers ear.


Kirby Morgan EXO-26 Full Face MaskThe DSI EXO full face mask, is much like the AGA/INTERSPIRO mask, but this mask is primarily used by professional divers. The front frame is available in different colors (yellow, red, black, a.o.). The mask can, as all full face masks, be fitted with communications equipment.

Girl uses Ocean Reef Full Face MaskThis full face mask, special made for the sports-diver is in an all new design, big front-window, and can be used by a great number of different regulators, Ocean Reef Maskwhich can be fitted to the mask in three different ways. The mask also got the possibility for adding communications equipment.

SCUBAPRO P/N: 24.150.000
Scuba ProThe ScubaPro full face mask is a little different from the other mask on this page, the front visor is separate in two and the diver can grab her/his nose for ear clearing, noClick for a bigger version. special places to press the mask body for doing this. The mask frame is made of light weight silicone rubber and got a double reflex sealing for enhanced security when diving in dirty water.

This light-weight free flow helmet is very used by commercial divers who dives in contaminated water, this helmet uses either it's own neck seal or direct on a drysuit.

This 'old style helmet' is still used by commercial divers, who works on the bottom. The helmet can only fit commercial dresses

Kirby Morgan Hard Hat HelmetThis Helmet which can be used by any suit, both wet- or drysuits. The sealing can either be to a yoke attach to the drysuit, or a loose one sealing around the divers neck. Technical the helmet is very much the same as the 'Strap-on-mask' - Kirby Morgan 18A/B, but this one gives the diver a better protection by diving in contaminated water is used with an drysuit.
Kirby Morgan Strap on maskThis helmet is maybe more a mask than a helmet, but I have decided to show it under helmets. This mask is a 'Strap-On-Mask', which will say that the mask is held in place by a harness like the AGA mask. The mask was developed in the 1960's and is not changed much since. The mask is very much used by professional divers and can be used to dive into great depth by feeding the mask with mixed gasses.

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