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GALBlast is a hobbyist grade GAL® programmer that connects to the parallel printer port of your PC. It will program fusemaps stored in standard JEDEC files into GAL chips 16V8/A/B/C/D/Z/ZD, 18V10/B, 20V8/A/B/Z, 20RA10/B, 20XV10/B, 22V10/B/C/D/Z (no 22CV10), 26CV12/B, 6001/B and 6002B manufactured by Lattice, National Semiconductors and STMicrosystems. It can not be used to program AMD/Vantis PAL/PALC, Cypress PALCE, ICT PEEL or Atmel ATF chips. It is a hobbyist grade programmer because the PCB will not offer zero-insertion-force sockets and is therefore not well suited to programming large volumes of chips, is targeted to DIL chips and will require an adaptor for PLCC chips, and because the system is not certified by the chip manufacturers. It is not even based on manufacturer's documentation. Therefore they will not guarantee that their chips will be properly programmed using this circuit, and furthermore, will stay programmed, and neither will I. But the circuit is easy to build, using only very few cheap and easily available components, and has been used a thousand times without problems. And to the best of it it's free.

Changes for Version 1.1: Uses AD7524 and LM335Z2.5 instead of ZN428, may be built without the LM78S40 switching regulator if you can supply +24V.

Changes for Version 1.2: Can now handle 3.3V Low voltage GALs. PCB layout for PLCC adapters supplied.

Changes for Version 1.3: Software can handle JEDEC files generated by WinCUPL. D/A converter setup delay according to Bram L.L. Board layout changed to use LD1117 or LT1086 instead of unsuitable LM3940. PLCC adaptors placed on PCB, so minumum board size of PCB-Pool board is fully used.

Changes for Version 1.4: order of XOR fuses in CFG of 20V8A/B changed in software and documentation

Changes for Version 1.5: Some printer control port do not allow read access. GALBlast now does no reads.

Changes for Version 1.6: LPT port addresses configurable

How to build the Hardware
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Minimum effort GAL programming
GAL Programming Algorithms
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The software and hardware of GALBlast are Copyright © 1998-2009 by Manfred Winterhoff, mailto:mawin@gmx.net