Brazilian Carnival

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Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian carnival girls: RJ

Brazilian carnival girls at party

Brazilian carnival girls

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Experience a Brazil vacation, you will discover a beautiful country, stunning beaches and cute women!.

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Explore the hot Carnival: samba parade.
The colour of Brazilian Carnival

See Rio de Janeiro Carnival
Samba Parade and Glamour in the RIo Parade.

Brazilian carnival - RJ

Brazilian carnival : Costumes

Brazilian carnival princess

Brazilian Carnival :
Experience the best Carnival

Carnival Brazil 2008 : Feb 2 | Feb 5
The most renowned Carnival in the world with its luxurious Samba Schools

The best pics of carnival in Brazil. Enjoy the beauty of Brazilian Carnival , especially Rio de Janeiro Carnival, which is a mix of sound, color, music and hot fun.
The Samba School Parade in Rio de Janeiro Sambodromo is considered the biggest show on earth. The event is broadcast live to a lot of countries by brazilian tv !
Let the samba beat get into you !.

Carnival in Brazil : the Sambodromo
Opened in 1984 and designed by Brazil's famous architect Oscar Niemeyer the massive structure on each side of Av. Presidente 700 meters long, 19 meters high and has a total floor-area of 85,000 square meters which can hold 60,000 cheering fans of the 5,000 member samba schools.
The 100,000 seat Sambódromo was built especially to frame this "world's greatest show" held on the Sunday and Monday night just before Fat Tuesday.


2006 Feb 25 - 28
2007 Feb 17 - 20
2008 Feb 02 - 05

Brazil carnival dates 2007-2008

Why travel to Brazil?
4,577 miles of beautiful beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean
A Gifted country. A natural paradise
No Earthquakes. No Hurricanes
Immense coastline of natural beaches
Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal
The world’s most exuberant flora and fauna
Simply the perfect weather
Average temperatures of 83ºF in the North and 68ºF in the South

Seasons are the exact opposite of those in the U.S. and Europe. Brazilians welcome tourists with open arms and a radiant smile in their faces. Everyday holiday atmosphere. The Brazilian people are fueled by happiness.

Brazilian Carnival pictures :


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Brazilian Carnival Report
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B R A Z I L · S O U T H _ A M E R I C A
Brazilian Carnival: The Carnival of the world. Rio de Janeiro & Brazil beaches