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Report on The First Annual

Black Country List Reunion

9-16 October 2000

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Reunion Portrait Gallery

"Av yo sin them pikchers Ayli? They'm bostin peepul an it luks loike they ad a bostin toime an orl. We wud a bin there if yo ad tuk that left turn as wen we left Marbella." Graham (greyhawk) Hawker

Reunion "We Wish We Had Been There Too" Portrait Gallery

Our Thanks to Dave Ogden who came up with this wonderful list of events- and for the help of a few other loyal BC-List members.

4. The Leathern Bottel (front snug, good food available very cheaply) meet up and natter.This is the official Pub of this list. The Port and Ale is the alternate pub for us.

Group pictures taken at the Leathern Bottel

1. Visit to Soho House Soho House, photo by Jane

Handsworth (Home of Matthew Boulton) Soho Avenue, Handsworth, 18th Century Home of industrial pioneer Matthew Boulton and St.Mary's Church Handsworth.

2. Followed by visit to Aston Hall (Aston Juxta). Aston House, photo by Jane

Alston House Great door, photo by Yorkie

This magnificant door was the entrance to the museum of a house. The visit is FREE and well worth the time it takes to wander through the rooms.

3. Dinner at the Britannia Hotel

Photos from the dinner at the Britannia

77-79 Vyse St. Birmingham B18 6HA

2. Birmingham Local History Library (6th Floor Library building) and Archive (6th Floor).

Sherborne Wharf at Sherborne St and Brindley Place was the narrowboat experience we were to have.

Our Tour

More about them can be seen at their site at

The Port & Ale, photo by Dave
Now we know - they took the sign down to paint the Pub.

5. Dinner buffet- the place is "The Port & Ale " Horseley Heath Tipton

Pictures at the Port & Ale

Sun 15th Oct

1.Black Country Living Museum We needed 20 to get the group rate.Pictures

A Postcard from the Black Country Museum

Dave's Reunion Report

Remembered Christmas in the Black Country

Next BC Reunion, May 19-28, 2001 - Add it to your calendar.

Canal art by Clive's daughter Tracy