Webgrrl's Design Tips and Examples

Webgrrl's Design Tips and Examples

Below you will find samples of some of the pages I have designed using lots of different styles. I have found that some visitors like to click on graphics and some people like the underlined text as links. To accommodate various preferences I have used both! Have fun exploring!

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The following two sites, Under the Hedgerow and The Gateway to the International Clan Gregor Web Community are examples of some fairly large sites. Both use frames for easier navigation.
Developing a consistent style for all pages within a large site is important. It helps present a unified look that tells visitors that they are still on the same site and common features, like navigation bars are always located in the same spot on each page. When you are considering a site design - view it from your targeted audience's perspective. After all - "If you build it right....they will come...and come back!"
Oh, yeah, and they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on..........!

Hi! My name is Ginger Snap!
Ginger Snap
I live at
Under the Hedgerow!

Under the Hedgerow is all about Hedgehogs! Actually - African Pygmy Hedgehogs as pets. There are pages about their care and feeding, what they like to play with, and even some free arts & crafts ideas! If you want information on European Hedgehogs you'll find that in the Links section. Want to know where to go to see one? Visit the Surprises page!

Clan Gregor tartan bar

The Gateway to the
International Clan Gregor Web Community

This site has become a world-wide directory for all MacGregors. It contains a lot of Scottish history as well as MacGregor history. Check the Sept Name section to see if you're one of the Children of the Mist!

This next section represents some of the pages I've done for fun, small businesses, schools, and clubs. I used a lot of different styles - tailoring each to their content and what the customer wanted.


Maui no ka oi

Alpac Elementary School

28 November,
web site!

Maui no ka oi! Here's a great condo you simply must see! Tell 'em Nancy sent you!

Alpac Elementary School, in Pacific, Washington.

Brandon's a real cutie!

Come visit the Weird Band Name Hall of Fame!


Gran's Annex

The Weird Band Name Hall of Fame - is yours there?

Impaling Alers Homebrewing Club

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Need help designing your promotional bar?
let me know!

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