The Rejection of Pascal's Wager
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Christianity: An Overview

The main thesis of this website is that Christianity is both untrue and harmful.

Of course Christianity today (and for that matter-since its inception) is not monolithic. There are literally thousands of variants. At the last count there were over 20,000 Christian denominations! Within this diversity we can, of course, simplify these into a few major groups:

It would also be enlightening for the uninitiated to know something about the historical background for all these schisms.

To ensure that our analysis covers these wide array of beliefs we will concentrate mainly on the common grounds or the core beliefs common to all these groups. Essentially the core beliefs come down to beliefs in

  • the Bible as a special revelation from God
  • that Jesus has a special position in the cosmological scheme of things
  • the existence of one god
  • that this god is a "trinity" (not a trait shared by all but by most Christians)
These "core beliefs" are what we will examine in this website to see if Christianity is true.

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