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I hope this website has whetted your appetite to find out more about rationalism and atheism. Given below are annotations and links on websites that I find personally interesting. I wish you happy surfing and good luck in your search for the truth.

And in the words of The Preacher with No Name (from Michael Martin's The Big Domino in the Sky)

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Links to Atheist/Rationalist Websites

The Internet Infidels

A good starting point for anyone. Whether you already are a non-believer, a "baby skeptic" or just searching for the truth, this is a good place to start. The site has over 6,000 documents with a good search page and an update section on what's new. Most of the articles are bite sized and can be independently read and digested.

The Singapore Skeptic

The uninitiated may think that Singapore is a "backwater state" as far as skepticism and rationalism are concerned. Yet this is far from the truth. The country, as a whole, is secular and slowly but surely freethinking and rationalism is taking hold. This site, run by Dr. Ronald Ng, marks the beginning of a new stage in the intellectual climate of the country. A formal society is being set up there and anyone interested should contact the webmaster.

Living Without Religion

Atheism is a much misunderstood term. I frequently get e-mails from ill-informed evangelicals and fundamentalists who, having read a book or two by their "scholars" on atheism, wrote to me trying to "prove" how atheism is impossible or how atheists have no morals etc. I have grown tired of answering these letters individually and now I do not have to! I can now simply refer them to this site! This website provide accurate explanations about atheism and related ideas. The Introduction, Glossary and FAQ sections are particularly good and covers issues like how atheism differs from agnosticism, how one can be an atheist and be moral and why life can be meaningful without any recourse to a supernatural purpose.

Freethought Radio

The world's number one internet radiostation; specifically for atheists, agnostics, humanists and all types of free thinkers! The website has archived radio programs, games (to play while you listen to the programs) and a forum page. Just tune in and get with the program!

Leaving Christianity

Leaving any oppressive belief system is not purely an intellectual exercise. Many "baby skeptics" struggle with guilt, uncertainty and a sense of loss (a result of years of indoctrination). Being able to share your experience with others and to read about how others who have gone through the same path always help. Leaving Christianity is a good place to start. It contains, among other things, the "testimonial" of the webmaster, Steve Locks, on his own experience of deconversion as well as links to other testimonials and various discussion groups.

The Free Thinker's Match Maker

Being an atheist does not mean spending your whole day mulling over the evils of established religion or thinking about the latest twist in the philosophical arguments for God's existence. If there is anything positive about atheism, it is about a reaffirmation of life! What better way to do this than to meet people who share the same views. The Free Thinker's Match Maker is a free personal ads website for single freethinkers and according to the FAQ page "was created to help people of like-minded views on religion and philosophy to meet one another. Specifically this site is for single atheists, agnostics, humanists and other nonreligious people." Also, the webmaster is still single!

Debate Unlimited [Formerly known as The Meme Machine]

An interesting website by Martin Willet! The site covers a rather wide range-including atheism, politics and memes. "Memes" is a term first coined by evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins to describe ideas/paradigms that propagate in ways analogous to genes. Martin's comparison of the faith meme to the AIDS virus is deliciously apt!

Shlomi Tal's Metaphysical Naturalism

Metaphysical naturalism, as the author explains, is the philosophy that the universe is entirely natural, with no room for the supernatural. The website covers philosophical (and common sensical) issues relating to all the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Shlomi Tal is a unique individual, and although his path in life has changed over the past couple of years, I think this website stands as a fitting tribute to the accomplishments of a brilliant mind.

A nice little website containing interesting quotes, articles, news and (sacrilegious) jokes! There is also a chat room and a page where you can ask questions regarding atheism. gives you atheism in digestible bite-sized chunks!

Ashley, remember, is a boy's name ... so begins the introduction by the author of Ashley writes with a biting sense of humor on almost any topic imaginable-politics, religion, relationships, racism and even about the irony between suicide manuals and software generated book recommendations! A refreshing site.

The Atheist Bible

A "gentle" introduction to atheism. Plus there is a debate board where issues relating to science, religion and politics are discussed.

Philosophy of Religion.Info

A site which provides a well balanced introduction to the philosophical arguments surrounding atheism, theism and agnosticism.

The Gospel Writers

The Gospel Writers, as the webmaster and author Clint Clark explains, is designed to help in the "detoxification" process of anyone leaving the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions. There is a clear warning in the site that I wholeheartedly agree with: "Old Testament relgions are hazardous to your emotional health"

From the introduction to this site we read that "is a celebration of spitting out the hook. It revels in sacrilege. It rejoices in irreverence. It exults in the catharsis which relatively few lucky people experience when they reject dogma and the heavy boot of authority." You may agree or disagree with Chris, but one thing is for sure, he will set your grey matter awhirl.

Todd Reinhardt's Freethought Community

Information, philosophy and an active community of rational freethinkers. Daily updates of audio monologue by Todd Reinhardt.

Shattering the Sacred Myths

Shattering the Sacred Myths examines the conflict between science and religion, and helps to dispel the myths and superstitions that have long been used as an excuse for political and religious extremism.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia

The official website of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, a group dedicated to promoting the spread of free thought and rationalism and the defense of the rights of the non-religious. The website contains quite some interesting postings including a monthly contribution by reknowned evolutionary biologist Massimo Pigliucci ["Rationally Speaking"], funny [yet important] musings by various contributors and a recommended reading list.

Skeptic's Corner

This website authored and webmastered by Louis Cable, a former Southern Baptist turned atheist. The website is an interesting and highly readable collection of essays on the Bible, God, Jesus and atheism. I particularly liked his compilation of the various arguments for God's existence and their refutations.

Lucifer's True History of Everything

Bob Shakespeare’s blog, a "witty flushing-out of mainstream Christianity" [his own words!], gives the low-down on God, Jesus, and any other issue related to religion you can find or think off. A veteran of the Iraq War and a descendent of the Bard [really?], Bob writes with a deliciously wicked sense of humor.

Science Prodigy

A good collection of videos, articles and blogs relating science, religion and atheism.

Infography: Atheism

A good list of atheist resources on the net and in print.

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Links to Critiques of Christianity

Kirby's World

Peter Kirby, atheist and thinker, has an excellent website covering issues on philosophy, Christianity and early Christian writings. His treatment on the case of the historicity of the empty tomb is superb. His has also done a tremendous amount of work collating all extant writings of early Christianity citing both on-line and more traditional sources.

Bible Origins

A site run by Walter Mattfeld. An intellectually stimulating website on archeaology and the Bible. Mattfeld, who holds a Master's degree, is a self-taught amateur in the field of biblical archaeology. His work, however, is anything but amateurish: it is well researched and, at times, highly original.

Jesus Christ, the Bible and Fundamentalism

The author, a ex-born again Christian, provide reasons for his leaving the fold. The site also provides an e-mail list for ex-fundamentalists and those who are thinking of leaving. Like me, the site does not try to forcibly convert anyone into non-belief, merely to provide reasons to explain to believers why non-believers can exist without contradiction and (shudder!) lead happy, moral and fruitful lives.

The Logic of Fundamentalism

A nicely done, entertaining rationalist website. The author's "folksy" wisdom rings true. His comparison of fundamentalist thinking with a ball within a box is apt. Javacrucian, as he calls himself, clearly and logically exposes the irrationalism behind fundamentalist Christianity. He has a great sense of humour as well. The picture (probably of the author as a young fundamentalist) with the Intel-spoof logo "Jesus Inside" is a gem! Also check out his cool links to some wackier Christian websites.

Religion is Bullshit!

Glory! Glory! Glory to the Holy Gawd! The man who tells it like it is, Brother Jeff Reid, is back. The basic premise of the site is similar to mine except that it has a lot more spice!

Profile of Christian Apologist & Christian Novelist C.S. Lewis

Believers seem to think that C.S. Lewis provides unanswerable arguments for theism and Christianity. Many are surprised to find that his ideas and arguments have not found acceptance in general philosophical circles and among skeptics - many of whom think of him as an intellectual lightweight. Austin Cline's collection of skeptical articles on CS Lewis is a good antidote for the average CS Lewis fan.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Role of the Christian Religion in its development

An interesting comparison between the universal declaration of human rights and its basic incompatibility with Christian theology.

Allan's Crossman's A sober look at Biblical problems

A refreshing evaluation of various Biblical problems. Allan Crossman rates the various problems as "serious" (aplogists are unlikely to be able to come up with a convincing answer), "minor" (some solution is plausible) and "weak" (there is an easy solutoon to the difficulty). It would do well for some skeptics to probably evaluate such discrepancies in the way Crossman does before confronting their evangelical friends.

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Links to Websites of Biblical Scholars and Christian Clerics who Became Skeptics

Fundamentalists and evangelicals normally like to end their unsupported assertions with 'scholars agree'. I just thought it would be nice to have a section with links to the websites of Biblical scholars and Christian clerics whose studies turned them into skeptics.

Gerd Lüdemann Homepage

A great scholar and an honest man. Professor Gerd Lüdemann is the Professor of History and Literature of Early Christian at Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany. His research into early Christianity - especially into the historicity of the resurrection accounts - led Prof. Lüdemann to conclude that the resurrection never happened as an historical event and that he could no longer, in all honesty, call himself a Christian. As a result of honestly following through with the result of his research, he was removed from the theology department in the University of Göttingen. This homepage contains the news clippings of his expulsion as well as a summary of his published work.

The Official Homepage of Robert M. Price

Dr. Price has two PhD's, one in Systematic Theology and the other in New Testament. A former fundamentalist and Baptist pastor, Dr. Price now calls himself a "humanist" who thinks the word "God mainly part of the language of worship, not necessarily anything more". He continues to teach religion at undergraduate and post graduate levels but now considers it "bizarre to "believe" the Bible as it would be to "believe" the Iliad or Hamlet". Dr. Price's journey from fundamentalist to humanist can be found in the book Beyond Born Again and the subsequent followup article From Fundamentalist to Humanist.

Interview with Dr. Michael Goulder

Dr. Michael Goulder is Professor (Emeritus) of Biblical Studies, University of Birmingham. Dr. Goulder was once an Anglican cleric and was once considered for the post of Bishop of the Anglican Church of Hong Kong. He now considers himself a "non-agressive" atheist. Professor Goulder is well known for his work criticizing the existence of the hypothetical sayings source behind Luke and Matthew "Q" as well as for his continued support of the "Tübingen Hypotesis" which states that the apostle Paul was repudiated by the original apostles of Jesus and that he was never reconciled with them. This posting is taken from an interview with Professor Goulder.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

This site, dedicated to the separation of church and state is run by an ex-fundamentalist preacher turned atheist, Dan Barker. Visit this site and get his books (Losing Faith in Faith, Maybe Yes Maybe No, Maybe Right Maybe Wrong and Just Pretend). Dan writes really well and I heartily recommend his books for children, especially Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong, which taught me a thing or two about morality and ethics.

The Skeptical Review Online

Farrell Till was a minister for the Church of Christ and a staunch biblical inerranist. Farrell holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Harding University. Till now considers himself an agnostic and is a strong opponent of the docrine of Biblical inerrancy. This website is the journal, edited by Till, specializing in exposing the fallacies surrounding Biblical inerrancy.

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Links to Critiques of Creationism

The Talk.Origins Archive

A great website for anyone who has come across the spectre of irrationalist creationism. The articles are grouped according to the major topics of the so-called "creation-evolution" debate including flood geology, catastrophism, evolution and creationism. Not only will it help you combat the forces of fundamentalism, it is educational as well!

Behe's Empty Box

An excellent resource for someone to learn about Behe and irreducible complexity. Since it links to sites both for and against Behe's arguments, this provides an excellent resource for someone who wants to make up his own mind about Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity.

Talk Reason: Unintelligent Design

Another excellent resource for those of you looking for a reasoned critique of the so-called "Intelligent Design" movement. This site contains articles critiquing the writings of ID'ers like Michael Behe, Philip Johnson and William Dembski.

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Links to Websites Covering Various Historical Issues Relating to Christianity

Cathars and Cathar Beliefs in the Languedoc

An interesting writeup on the Cathars - the Albigensian heresy. I covered this briefly in my website but this goes into more detail.

Wikipedia and Christian Abuse of Wikipedia

I like Wikipedia. I find most of its articles to be, in many cases, better and more up to date than published sources. However as I too have noticed, there is a tendency, whenever religious articles are presented, for a more fundamentalist extreme view to be posted and for neutral articles to have their neutrality challenged. Fundamentalists, in their never ending quest to preach their "Truth" have no qualms in distorting scientific and historical evidence to this end. This article is fair warning on what is going on now.

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Links to Critiques of Islam and Political Islam


This UK website looks at Islam from a rationalist viewpoint, maintained by Steven Carr.

Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society

A great website featuring ex-Muslims and more secular minded Muslims. Covers the contradictions int the Quran, profiles rationalists in Muslim societies, and, among many other things, the implications of September 11th 2001.

Free Thought Mecca

Subtitled "A pilgrimage beyond the humorless" this site has very intelligent articles on all three monotheistic religions with emphasis on Islam.

Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes, an expert on the middle east and militant Islam, sends a very important message: That to simply assume that what the middle eastern terrorists did was done "in spite" of Islam is a major error and would lead to mistaken policy decisions. While it is true that many muslims do not subscribe to the ideologies of militant Islam, many do. I also like two of his books "Militant Islam Reaches America" (his latest) and "The Hidden Hand: Middle East fears of Conspiracy". These provides insight into the middle eastern pysche that one does not get from the more "mainstream", politically correct, middle eastern scholars.

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Links to Christian & Theistic Websites

This is where I have placed links to websites on my principle of reciprocity with Christian websites. I have offered some webmasters of fundamentalist websites to link to their site if they will link theirs back to mine but have not received any positive response to date. In view of this I have opened up this section to more "non-atheistic" websites.

Johnny McDowell's Theology and Philosophy Page.

This is a website on "liberal" theology by a modern day liberal theologian (or at least a lecturer in theology). Dr. John McDowell is Meldrum Lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Edinburgh. Readers of my website, of course, know my views on liberal theology, but at least these theologians are more open minded than fundamentalists.


A Spanish language website that in the words of its webmaster: "Offers a rational, practical, pragmatic proof of God from a empirical perspective; Examines the relation between the science and God; Provides a critical analysis of the atheism and an Introduction to Deism."

Loxley Ministries

An evangelical website that has graciously agreed to provide reciprocal links to this website.

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