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The Art of Syd Edwards Website's Aviation Links
A useful collection of Museums and other Aviation Sites of interest.

The Flight Characteristics of the P-38
Real Audio Movies of P-38 Training Films!

Tribute To The P-38 Lightning
An in-depth look at the great Lightning.

The Glacier Girl Homepage
Restoring one of the P-38s from the "Bolero" mission.

Wild Bill's P-38 Website
A tribute to the P-38 by a man who flew them!

P-38 Locator Page, Aviation Enthusiast Corner
A guide to the whereabouts of the remaining P-38s.

P-38 Inside Pages
A look inside the pilot's manual of the P-38.

20th. Fighter Group Information
A brief look at the 20th. FG.

The Richard Bong Heritage Foundation
A museum currently being created to honor the top USAAF ace.

The 79th. FS Today
The historical 79th. as it in today's USAF

The 94th.Fighter Squadron
A history of the famed "Hat In The Ring" Squadron.

The United States Air Force Museum
One of the ultimate collections of aircraft in the world.

Central Texas Wing of the Confederate Air Force
Currently restoring a P-38 nightfighter.

Mustangs Mustangs
A page dedicated to the P-51 Mustang and the great Ford Mustang.

The "Gunfighter" Homepage.
One of the sweetest Mustangs still in the air.

The History of the P-51
An indepth look at the Mustang's development.

American Fighter Aces Association
An outstanding organization Maj. Ilfrey belongs to.

Windows For Remy
An organization dedicated to restoring the stained glass windows of
a city in France that were destroyed during the war.

Fencer's P-51 Mustang Hangar
An amazing site that includes the whereabouts
of all the remaining P-51 Mustangs.

The Preddy Memorial
A site in memerial to Maj. George E. Preddy, Jr.,
the top-scoring P-51 ace of the war, and his brother William.

A listing of over 250 fighter associations
Includes a guide to their reunions.

Stallion 51
Ever dreamed of flying a P-51? These guys make your dreams come true.

The Effect of the North American P-51 Mustang On the Air War in Europe
An indepth research paper done by the grandson of a P-51 pilot.

The North Platte Canteen
A virtual reproduction of the Canteen in North Platte, Nebraska.

The Confederate Air Force
80 Chapters worldwide keeping the memory alive and the birds in the air.

The 367th.FG
Another P-38 Fighter Group and veteran's association.

Luftwaffe Experten
A look at the war from the German fighter ace's point of view.

The USAAF Resource Center
A nice site full of information about the USAAF's aircraft and pilots.

Planes and Pilots of World War Two
An excellent on-line magazine featuring indepth articles, many by the actual pilots themselves.

A P-38E is discovered
Pictures of the recovery of parts from a buried P-38.

Barnstormers.Com's P-38 Bulletin Board
P-38 Lightning parts for sale/wanted.

The Little Friends Home Page
A valuable resource of 8th.AF Fighter Group information.

My buddy Jason's Warbirds II flight sim training page.

AF Link Jr.
A great site designed to teach children all about flight and the Air Force.

Maj.Gen. Levi R. Chase Website
A tribute to the top US ace of Tunisia during WW2 created by his son.

Another P-38 Wreck Discovered
This Lightning was found on Attu Island, Alaska.

The P-38 Page
An outstanding site that features pages from
Lockheed publications on how to fly the P-38

The B-17 Combat Crewman Website
A great site for all vets, whether they flew in the Fort or not.

The James F. Justin Oral History Center
An amazing site that allows history to be told from the true sources.

The Remembering Project
Another great first-person history site full of great stories.

The WW2 US Veterans Website
Another excellent site, which was unfortunately hacked recently.

The P-38: Is Size And Shape A Disadvantage?
Another excellent article written by C.C.Jordan.

Pacifica Military History Books
Formerly Pacifica Press Military History

America @ War
An excellent site that allows you a small idea of what it was like.

Normandy 1944
Brought to you by the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Northamptonshire England's Website
This includes information about King's Cliffe, where the 20th.FG was based.

Fredric Arnold's Website
The author of "Door Knob Five-Two" and a pilot with the 1st.FG.

Fork Tails
Duncan Class' excellent website dedicated to the P-38

Lt. Benjamin Franklin Edwards, USAAC
A tribute to one of the Doolittle Raiders who never returned.
Created by his nephew, and no, they are not a relation that I know of.

The World War II Preservation Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to
keeping the memories alive for future generations.

Documentatiegroep '40-'45
The Dutch society of World War II collectors. (Much of this site is in Dutch.)

Sid's War
A Tribute to Sid Martindale, a British soldier, as told by his grandson.

World War II Plus 55
A day by day accounting of the war.

Air Heritage Inc.
Currently restoring many great WW2 aircraft.

The Drop Zone Virtual Museum
One of the best sites related to World War Two I have run across. A Must See!

"P-38: Der Gabelschwanz Teufel"
Carlo Kopp's excellent article on the Lightning which features many quotes from Capt. Art. Heiden.

The Halifax Restoration Team
Restoring a Handley Page Halifax A Mk VII that was recoverd from a Lake in Norway
after 50 years. Many vintage RAF photographs!

Warbird Stories
Another excellent site to browse.

History of the 20th.FG
From the 20th.FW's site. A link from the past to the present.

The Nichols Family
Includes photographs of the King's Cliffe Memorial
If anyone knows who created this page, please contact me!)

Aces and Autographs
My buddy Chris' collection of ace's and M.O.H. autographs, many for sale at a reasonable price.

Ghostwings Magazine
An excellent publication being produced by some young aviation enthusiasts.

A Tribute to Lefty Gardner and "White Lightning"
One of the founders of the Confederate Air Force and his P-38.

Lightning From The Ground Up
An article by the late Jeff Ethell.

Second Yamamoto Mission Association (SYMA)
A group organized to establish whether Thomas G. Lanphier or Rex T. Barber actually shot down Admiral Yamamoto's plane. Jack Ilfrey is a member, so was Jeff Ethell.

American EX-Prisoners of War
A Not For Profit Organization Founded April 14, 1942

Rare Glenn Miller Recordings
Cassettes offered by Big Bands of Florence, Alabama

RAF Wethersfield Page
One of the homes of the 20th.FW

March Field Museum
Aviation museum based on former 20th.FG base

One of a Kind P-38
An article concerning a P-38 on skis!

The Korean War Project
A group dedicated to remembering the men lost during the Korean War.

The P-38 Tribute Page
An honorary member of the 1st. FG Assoc.'s P-38 Site

Stories of 1st. FG POWs
Written by the Chief Historian of the 1st.FW

Brig Gen Robert V. Clements, USAF (ret)
The home page of a former P-38/P-39/P-63 driver.

Aircraft Spotters Guide
Selected pages from the official govt. guidebooks.

The First Fighter Group Association
The official page of the organization.

Berlin Boys
A site dedicated to Col. Jack Jenkins, CO 55th.FG

Charles Wire P-38 Ace
A site created in tribute to Maj. Charles Wire of the 475th.FG

David Copley's virtual P-38 model which he is currently attempting to fly around the world in real time via MSFS98

The P-38 National Association
Includes information on how to join.

The P-38 Lightning
A huge resource on Lockheed's greatest aircraft.

The 1st. Fighter Group Association Home Page
The official site of the 1st. FG Assoc.



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"Like nearly all other pilots who come face to face with the enemy in the air for the first time, I could hardly realize that these were real live, hostile machines. I was fascinated by them and wanted to circle about and have a good look at them." --Lt.Col WA "Billy" Bishop

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