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I'm what they call a 
mixed breed, or more often than not, a mutt.  I was born on Independence Day
weekend.  On September 1, 1997, I was shipped from Tennessee to North
Shore Animal League in New York City and was adopted by my loving family
the next day.  My sister Button was adopted by another family earlier that
day.  I cried alot when I was separated from her but I was not alone for
long.  My Parents didn't know about my sister until they accidentally 
bumped into Button's parents who recognized me while I was walking with 
them in the Village. I was reunited with Button in my dog run in Union 
Square Park and we played together for awhile until Button had to go back
to Brooklyn.  We look very similar but I think Button looks more like a beagle,
while I look more like a shepherd.  You can venture a guess as to my mix and 
email me.
My sister Button!
I love to go up to people, sit on their feet, lean up against them and get
head and tummy rubs.  I like to play tug of war, fetch, shred paper
and eat Manhattan scraps off the street.  I like to bark alot which 
my parents think is the beagle in me.  I also like to perform easy tricks
to get delicious treats.  Some tricks I do are roll over, shake hands,
hifive and wave goodbye.  But when I try to look irresistably cute, I 
get my favorite treats like pupperoni, peanut butter, cheese, and snausages.

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Daddy and Mommy!!

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