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Mixed Bag of Treats
Mutts Are Us!

Dog Owner's Guide: The Mixed Breed dog

American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration

The Joy of Mutts

Animal Rights

Yahoo's list of Humane Societies

Adopting a Shelter dog

Hugs for Homeless Animals


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General Doggie Hangouts

Dog FAQ Homepage


The Dog InfoMat

Planet Pets

Pets' Guide to the Net

The Kids and Dogs Page

Pet Zone

ProDogs Network

Acme Pet

Pet Path


Pet Source

In The Doghouse

Cool Dog Site of the Day

Hot Doggie Links

Dogpatch Dog House


AKC Home Page

American Rare Breed Association

WWW Select-A-Dog

The Pet Name Pages

Dog Names

Virtual Dog Show

Virtual Dog


Canine Newsgroups

Professor Hunt's Dog Page

Hoflin's Dogs Online

The Tame Beast

Mining Co.'s Guide to Dogs

Doggy Paws

BowWow links

Paws R Us

Pet of the Day

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Healthy Tips

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)


Veterinary Medicine

Vet On-line


Alt Vet Med

HomeVet Natural Health Center

Pet Health News

Dr. Roen's Weekly Veterinary Column

Our Pets Articles

Care for Pets

Dog Exam

The Health Links Page

Allergic to Dogs?

Canine Companions for Independence

National Animal Poison Control Center

Veterinary Ophthalmology Info Centre

The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals



Skin and Allergy Problems

Hot Spots

Endocrine Diagnostic Service FAQ

Cruciate Ligament Dog Page

Fleas and Ticks

Pet Groomers Pages

Waltham World of Pet Care

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Must Reads...

Dog Fancy Online

PetView Magazine Online News

Good Dog!

Just Pets

The Dog Owner's Guide

The International Cyberzine for Working Dogs

Canine Sports Medicine Update

Show Dog Magazine

NetPet Magazine



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Fun for Us!

Bad Dog Humour Collection


Dog Hause Home Page

Psychic Puppy Network

Bad Dogs

Dog Guide

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Training Tips

Finding Training Classes and Clubs

Sit Means Sit

Platt K-9 Academy

Media Hound


Urine Out

Clicker Training Home Page

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Travel Tips



Pets OK

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Online Doggie Boutiques

The Puppy Shop

Animal Health Care

Dog Books


Dog Gag Tags

Planet Pet

Free electronic dog greeting cards!

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Mixed Bag of Treats

National Dog Registry

Sherlock Bones

Dog Term Glossary

Special Dog Poems

The Rainbow Bridge

Pet-Loss Support Page

The Dog House

California Canine DiscMasters

Dog Photos

Dog-Related Email Lists

Dog Chats

Gallery of Pets

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