Who is SweetPets?

First off I would like to tell you Happy Easter! From My house to yours!!
Let me tell you a bit about me! I am Barb, and the owner and creator of this site! I am a steelworker and a Mommy and a wife! Not always in that order :)

I have been with Geo for a mighty long time! I have had a page for almost four years. I started in Heartland where I still have a page. I grew to become a Community Leader. And I had a ball with it! Then came a time for me to move on to a Co Liaison. I had fun with that and I met alot of folks! But then again comes a time to move on and here I am! Just a homesteader and I am having a BALL doing it!
Since Yahoo has stopped the Community Leader Program that has not stopped us from helping folks with their homepages! Check out the Help section on this page!!

Welp I need to make pages for my REAL Pets! *grin* I have a few of them too! I will get on that as soon as I can!! Thanks for seeing who I am and what I am about! Welp a little bit anyway! :)

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Thanks for being number

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