With Love Aunt Bev

The Angels on the Page will stay for a bit, In Loving Memory of my Aunt Bev that passed away WAY too soon in this life! To read our story about finding here please check this page Lost Loves

Helping folks always pays off!! Check out Sherrie's page! She is a pure doll! Thanks Sherrie you warmed my heart!!

Welcome to My Sweet Pet's Creations! IF you have been here before and even if you have not! We do change the background all the time!! Feel free to use any of them! I made em all!! *grin*
Coming soon Valentine Graphics to dress up your Pages! What I do ask of you, if you use any of my graphics is please, add a link to this page! I have worked long hard hours putting these gifs up! If you need some help saving the gifs or getting them on your page please feel free to mail to me! I would be more than happy to help you! My name is on the graphics or it is most of them. The graphics have come from my CD's that I have bought or images I have scanned myself. Find out who SweetPets is.

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Snow Applets! Travels with Curly
NEW! Globes for you! NEW! Angel to watch over you!
Calling Cards for you!

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Here I will be listing sites that use SweetPet Graphics! If you want to see your site listed and are using SweetPet Graphics please mail to me and I will get a link up to your page as soon as possible :)

Snoopy's Page
Elden's Pad
Joe and John's Angel Pages

Angel Whit's Family Page

Need something special? Need a gif with your sites name on it? Well I betcha I could do it for you!! Fill out my handy dandy form and I would be more than happy to help you out!!!
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Ohhhhh They are here!!!! Check out the Awards for you to apply for!!! Just click HERE!

AND now WE have Award Winners!
And the Best of the Best

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BRAND NEW!! Come meet our baby Iris

BRAND NEW!! Meet our Sammi

How cute huh? This Pooh Bear image was given to me by Shirley Ellen!! A lady that has warmed my heart more times than I can think of!! She is with the PSP Friends Group! Come join us and meet Shirley! You will be glad ya did!! Thank you so much Shirley, you sure know how to brighten a day!!

Thank you Willi!! Willi was one of my PSP Students that has gone on to create a wonderful Graphics site!! I am honored! Click the image to see her site!!

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