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Here you can find info on the care of green iguanas and several tortoise species in captivity, plus cage-building tips, amusing animal-related stories, links to other herp-related sites, and a few philosophical discussions...just follow the links below!

Have fun and learn!

  • Herp-related links
  • Hingeback Tort pics
  • Leopard Tort Pics
  • Iguana Pics - Updated 7-11-00!
  • Wild-Caught VS Captive-Bred
  • "Hot" Herps - To Have or Not To Have?
  • Cage Plans
  • Misty's Corner
  • Field Trip To Mona Island
  • Outdoor Baby Tort Pen Updated 7-10-00
  • Baby Tortoise Pictures Updated 7-10-00
  • Some Critters I Have Known
  • Caresheets
  • NEW!!!Fish/Turtle pond Combo
  • NEW!!! Revamped pond setup 7/17/01
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    I would like to thank the following people for making these pages possible; their selflessness, untiring devotion to their charges and ideals, and sense of humor have been a source of inspiration to me and many others.
    May God Bless their good work and help us follow in their footsteps!

  • Annie "WEZ" Lancaster - "Oh, no, you put those crickets WHERE??!!"
  • Red Eye Rich - "BWAAhaahaahahahaha!"
  • Misty Corton - Do YOU Know Where Your Vervet Is?
  • Ulf - "Turtle Power!"
  • Andy "Abdy" Highfield - "Do you REALLY wanna sulcatta?
  • Keith "G'day, Mate!" Campbell - Thanks for your patience and tutoring - could'na done it without you!
  • Last but Certainly Not Least, my wife Evelyn, for her patience, support, understanding, and acceptance of all the critters that I bring home!
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