The Lone Piper

Bill Jenkins

Visit to War Memorial Protestant Cemetery No.2, Hosur Road, Bangalore

Friday, 10th March, 2006

The first day’s program was scheduled that Bill Jenkins the Lone Piper, play a lament at the War Memorial in the Protestant Cemetery No.2 on Hosur Road. He was to be accompanied by the CMP (Military Police) Buglers and a few Officers and Jawans in attendance.
Jean and Bill Jenkins
He even had an audience, literally stopping traffic, when he was tuning his bagpipes on the road in front of the Cemetery.  Also present at the Ceremony were some Officers of  the CMP (Military Police), Rev. Vincent Raj Kumar who is the Presbyter-in-charge of St. Mark’s Cathedral (under which this Cemetery is governed), some retired Officers of the Indian Navy besides Admiral OS Dawson, Jean (the wife of Bill Jenkins looked captivating dressed in blue), Robin & Mara Bernard, Ronnie Johnson and David Barnabas, and many of those who came for a burial at the Cemetery.

Bill's impressive entrance

Bill was very impressive, striding from the entrance to the Monument blowing his bagpipes.

CMP Military Police at the ceremony

Bill blowing a Lament on his bagpipes before the War Memorial.

Bill lays a wreath at the Memorial
The wreath
 After the lament, Bill laid a wreath (Bill makes his own wreaths) at the base of the Monument.

Bill salutes the monument

Rev Vincent Raj Kumar, Bill and Admiral Dawson
He then salutes the Memorial while the CMP Buglers played the last post. Rev. Vincent Raj Kumar and Admiral O.S. Dawson join Bill Jenkins at the Memorial.

Bill then salutes the Jawans in attendance and is introduced to them. The buglers try to do a piece with Bill, but for the lack of percussion and supporting instruments this was not possible.

At the conclusion of the Ceremony, tea was served by the CMP at the Cemetery.

Bill Jenkins attire was very flashy,  the dagger (kukuri) was made by him, the badges, the kilt, strap with the gurkha daggers, beret, bagpipes were all custom built for him. The special white boot toppers are designed to allow a walk through brambles without the ankles getting hurt.

CNN-IBN's Priya interviewing Bill Jenkins
This Program was covered by CNN-IBN TV and later aired on their Indian National network during the night and next morning.

Protestant Cemetery No. 1
Bill was also shown around one of the plots of Protestant Cemetery No.1, (above photo) by Rev. Vincent Raj Kumar and Admiral OS Dawson. Because if time constraints, Bill was not able to visit the graves of Harold Arthur Moore who died 22 Jan 1945, and Colonel Ross Thompson , RE who died 5 Dec 1919 at the age of 81! Col. Ross was supposed to have been the oldest serving officer in the army when he died. It is also believed that he was the one who introduced Golf to Ootacamund (Ooty), but it is still being researched and yet to be confirmed.