The Lone Piper

Bill Jenkins

Visit to St. John's Cemetery, Kalpully, Bangalore

Saturday, 11th March, 2006

This day, the scheduled for Bill Jenkins was to blow a ‘lament’ at the St. John’s Cemetery at Kalpally at 11.15 am.

After going around the Kalpully cemetery, Bill and Jean were shown the graves of the Admirals relations by Admiral O.S. Dawson, and Bill played a hymn at the grave of the Admiral's father.
Admiral Dawson showin his family graves

 Bill then went on to play a ‘Lament’ at the stone central open Chapel and Laid a Wreath.
The Lament played by Bill Jenkins at St. John's Cemetery

This stone structure in the middle of the Cemetery, has replaced the old Chapel which was at the side of the gate and also the wooden archway  entrance. There are a couple of bird-house structures for burying the ashes-urns at the rear end of the Chapel.
The open air Chapel at St. Johns Cemetery Kalpully

Th original Chapel at St. Johns Cemetery
The urns of ashes are in these bird house structures

Only the Admiral and Ronnie Johnson were present besides Bill and Jean, and of course the Cemetery caretakers , and the Navy batman.

St. John's Cemetery has some real magnificent graves, outstanding amongst them are the Fitzgerald Family graves. The cast iron grills around the graves have remained so long because they are really heavy, and cannot be lifted unless cut in pieces. There is evidence on one of the graves of attempted successful and unsuccessful vandalism of the side marble slabs.
The Fitzgerald family plot

Some of the graves in Plot C, located in the North-Western side of the Cemetery. Here one can find the graves of John Wheeler Cleveland (Cleveland Town in Bangalore is named after him), his wife Louisa Elizabeth, a lovely unique grave of Charles Speechly, and many others.
Plot C St. John's Cemetery, Kalpully
General John Wheeler Cleveland

Plot C Pan

A panoramic view of the St. John's Cemetery, Kalpully.
A panaromic view of the cemetery

One kept hoping that permission be received for Bill to visit the ‘Sappers and Miners’ War Memorial in the MEG Parade grounds, but this was not received from Delhi. The MEG is adjacent to St. John's Cemetery.