The Protestant Cemetery

Ronnie Johnson

Visit to St. John's Cemetery, Kalpully, Bangalore

Saturday, 11th March, 2006

Bill Jenkins came to Bangalore to blow a ‘lament’ at the St. John’s Cemetery at Kalpally, having accompanied him along with Admiral O.S. Dawson and Jean his wife,  I took the opportunity to go around the Cemetery and captured only a few photographs of some the graves that caught my eye.  Here are some photographs of graves from my collection of 1999 , these can be found on my 'Forgotten Soldiers' webpage. Some of the graves have been destroyed after the visit. Quite a few photographs of some graves can also be found on Bill Jenkins visit to St. John's Cemetery, Kalpully page.

There are hundreds of graves that need to be recorded and photographed. I added this page as a separate section because the uploading of the page and downloading of images would be eased on my website. If any of you visitors have any photographs of old graves related to any of the Cemeteries in Bangalore, Protestant or Catholic, and if you are willing to share these images, please send the same to my email address and I will put them up on similar pages as this, or let me know how I can link them from your own pages.

In the year 1996, Admiral O.S. Dawson along with his team did a total inventory of this Cemetery and also made a blueprint of the locations of graves and names of those buried there. Researchers have to really thank the Admiral for his gallant attempts at documenting and restoring some of the lost archives of the Protestant Cemeteries. He has done great work in encouraging the Church authorities to maintain the Cemeteries under their care. St. John's Cemetery, Kalpully is an example of his great and successful effort. Every time the Admiral comes to the Cemetery, he has a word with the security of the MEG gate as to how the leaves from their compound are dumped over the Cemetery wall. How much can one person keep doing?

His last passion in Cemeteries is the Agram Cemetery that one can find within the premises of the ASC Officers Mess, on Trinity Church Road, Bangalore. This Cemetery being on Defence property, foreigners need to get permission to enter to look at the Cemetery. The other Cemeteries available to researchers are Protestant Cemeteries No.1 & No.2 , Hosur Road , Bangalore.

Graves in St. John's Protestand Cemetery, Kalpully

Pathway with marker stones

better angle of inscription

A Freemason sign

A grave headstone that will fall
a sunken grave