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TM # Name Effect Type

01 Mega Punch- No Special Effect Normal

02 Razor Wind- 2 Turn Attack/May cause Critical Hit Normal

03 Sword's Dance- Greatly rises the users Attack power Normal

04 Whirlwind- Ends Battle vs. Wild PKMN Normal

05 Mega Kick- No Special Effect Normal

06 Toxic- Opponent is poisoned. Poison damage increases each turn Poison

07 Horn Drill-1 hit K.O. Normal

08 Body Slam- May Paralyze the opponent Normal

09 Take Down- User recieves 1/8 of damage dealt Normal

10 Double-Edge- User recieves 1/8 of damage dealt Normal

11 Bubblebeam- May reduce opponent's Speed Water

12 Water Gun- No Special Effect Water

13 Ice Beam- May freeze opponent Ice

14 Blizzard- May freeze opponent Ice

15 Hyper Beam- Can't do anything on turn after attack Normal

16 Pay Day- Produces money after battle Normal

17 Submission- User recieves 1/8 of damage dealt Normal

18 Counter- Sends back physical blows with doubled damage Fighting

19 Seismic Toss- User attacks depending on Level Fighting

20 Rage- Raises Attack power each time damage is dealt Normal

21 Mega Drain- Refills HP by half of damage dealt Grass

22 Solar Beam- A 2nd turn attack Grass

23 Dragon Rage- Always attacks with 40 damage Dragon

24 Thunderbolt- May paralyze opponent Electric

25 Thunder- May paralyze opponent Electric

26 Earthquake- No special effect Ground

27 Fissure- 1 hit K.O. Ground

28 Dig- Attacks on 2nd turn Ground

29 Psychic-May reduce opponent's Special Psychic

30 Teleport-Ends Battle vs. Wild PKMN Psychic

31 Mimic- Copies 1 of the opponent's attacks Normal

32 Double Team- Raises user's Evasion Normal

33 Reflect- Cuts Special attacks by 1/2 Psychic

34 Bide- Wait for several turns, sends back double of damage recieved Normal

35 Metronome- Randomly uses any attacks Normal

36 Self Destruct- User faints/Deals lots of damage to opponent Normal

37 Egg Bomb- No Special Effect Normal

38 Fire Blast-May burn opponent Fire

39 Swift- Always hits Normal

40 Skull Bash- Attacks on 2nd turn Normal

41 Soft Boiled- Restores Max HP Normal

42 Dream Eater- Refills HP by half of damage dealt on sleeping PKMN Psychic

43 Sky Attack- Protects from any attack, rapid use may fail Normal

44 Rest- Recovers all HP, sleeps for 2 turns Normal

45 Thunder- Wave Paralyzes opponent Electric

46 Psywave- User attacks depending on EXP Psychic

47 Explosion- User faints/Deals lots of damage to opponent Normal

48 Rock Slide- May burn opponent (10%) Fire

49 Tri Attack- No Special Effect Normal

50 Subsitute-Creates a subsitute to take damage Normal


HM # Name Effect Type

01 Cut- No Special effect Normal

02 Fly- Attacks on 2nd turn Flying

03 Surf- No Special effect Water

04 Strength- No Special effect Normal

05 Flash- Reduces opponent's Accuracy Normal
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