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Photo Gallery

The pictures you see in this website were taken over a period of roughly twenty years from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s. Although my main photographic subjects were butterflies, I also snapped other interesting things that I came across during my forays into the rainforests of Malaysia in search of butterflies.

I now have tens of hundreds of images on colour slide film. I have used some of these images in articles that I wrote for magazines (please check out my website UP CLOSE with NATURE for some of the articles). The slides, especially those taken in the earlier years, are already beginning to fade or deteriorate in other ways. It is for this reason that I have built this website to show and share these images with other people with similar interests before they really fade away.

You can see many of the butterfly pictures in another website, Chin's Butterfly Gallery, that I built after starting this website. However, I have included a substantial selection of butterfly pictures in this website together with many of the pictures of the other creatures of the Malaysian rainforest that I have photographed.

For this Photo Gallery, I have organised the images into different categories represented by the thumbnail images below. Click on a thumbnail to enter that particular section of the Photo Gallery. Please take your time to browse, and I do hope you'll enjoy your visit here.

Butterflies Butterflies

Malaysian Moths Malaysian Moths

Dragonflies & Damselflies Dragonflies & Damselflies

Other Insects Other Insects

Spiders on the Web Spiders on the Web

Frogs and Toads Frogs and Toads

Lizards and Snakes Lizards and Snakes

Rainforest Fungi Rainforest Fungi

"Wild Gingers" Wild Gingers

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