A Guide to Marvel's Pre-FF #1 Heroes 
(with the exception of the Golden Age)

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by Jess Nevins
This is the second part of my treatment of Marvel's early heroes. The first part, The Guide to Marvel's Golden Age Heroes, describes the heroes created by Timely Comics (Marvel's first incarnation) during the 1930s and 1940s, the era commonly known as the Golden Age of comics.

This site lists and describes those heroes created by Marvel Comics at any point after 1948 who exist in Marvel continuity before the events of Fantastic Four #1. This list also includes heroes who have been published by Marvel but have not--yet--been inserted into continuity.

There are a lot of characters here that I'm relatively ignorant about, or am not up on the latest changes to their histories, so if I've made any mistakes, or there are any characters I've forgotten about, please let me know about them by e-mailing me.

If you're interested in a more linear account of Marvel's history and continuity, I'd recommend Robert Wicks' Unofficial Chronology to the Marvel Universe.

Thanks to the Grand Comic Database for invaluable research assistance; Lou Mougin for help on Western and jungle characters; Parrot for Kull info; Ronald Byrd for much and varied information, all of it very useful--Ronald, you are a triumph of memory, knowledge, and research; Bob Gansler; Owen Erasmus; Xavier Fournier, for much and varied information; Michael Norwitz for various information, including the Jack Smithers information; Tom Colley, for the nifty Arrowhead image; Ryan Hanback, for information on Sabbath Raven; Robert Wicks; Scott; Tom Brevoort, for correcting my mistake on Two-Gun Kid; Scott/Spenser; Ken Arromdee, W.F., Paul O'Brien, Rich Bellacera, Kirk, Roger Stern; Ryan Hanback; Lia Brown, for correcting my errors on the Crimson Commando and Super Sabre; Kurt Busiek for clearing up my confusion over "Mademoiselle;" Patrick Pichot for Union Jack notes; Edward Lee Love for Garret info; Don Campbell; Peter Weitzman for the Masters of Silence entry; Todd Britton, for a couple of things; Richard Porter, of the very good Marvel the Lost Generation site; Dan Davis, for correcting an embarassing Grandfather Twoyoungman error; Ron Conner for the Pravda Patrol site link; Adrian Watts for correcting a Black Axe error.

All images on these pages are © copyright 2002 Marvel Comics.

All characters with proper surnames are arranged alphabetically by their last names first, so Bob Brant is listed as Brant, Bob. Those characters who are known primarily by their codename, like Aged Genghis, are still listed surname-last in traditional comic book style.

Last Revised: 26 June 2002

What's New: I added the Beowulf entry. I added to the V-Battalion entry.

  Aged Genghis, El Aguila, Albion, Amergin, American Eagle, Amra, Ancient One, Apache Kid, "Arabian Knight", Arizona Annie, Arizona Kid, Arrowhead, Ashake, Avengers (1958).

Sir Francis Bacon, Lieutenant William Baker, Beowulf, Battle Brady, "Battleship" Burke, Bear Brother, Black Axe, Black Crow, Black Fury, Black Knight, Black Mask, Black Panther, Black Rider, Black Tiger, Kent Blake, Blaze the Wonder Collie, Ulysses Bloodstone, Boot-Camp Brady, Bounty Hunter, Buzz Brand, Bob Brant and the Trouble Shooters, Alfie Brown, Reno Browne, Billy Buckskin, Bucky (I), Bucky (II), Bucky (III).

Cable, Caius, Captain America (I), Captain America (II), Captain America (III), Captain America (IV), Captain Kerosene, Captain Savage, Captain Starr, Captain Tyger, Captain Wings, Blaze Carson, Speed Carter, Casey the Crime Photographer, Sean Cassidy, Cathari, Burt Chesney, Chinook, Clan Destine, Combat Casey, Combat Kelly (I), Combat Kelly (II) and the Deadly Dozen, Comet, Conan, El Cóndor, Courier, Jonas Cray, Crimson Cavalier, Crimson Commando, Crusader (I), Crusaders, Cuchulain.

Dakimh, Dakota Kid, Rick Davis, Tex Dawson, Deacons, Derwyddon, Desert Hawk, Devil-Dog Dugan, Diablo, Doctor Druid, Doctor Nemesis, Doc Savage, Doctor Strange, Dragonfly, Ulysses Dragonheart, Dreamwalker, Dyna-Mite.

Wyatt Earp, Ember, Eternals.

Fargo Kid, Fighting Texan, Firehand, Dominic Fortune, Flash Foster, Frank, Frankenstein's Monster, Benjamin Franklin, Freedom's Five, Nick Fury.

Gargoyle, Garret, El Gaucho, Ghost Girl, Ghost Rider, Gilgamesh, Golden Girl (II), Golden Sun, Golem, Gomurr the Ancient, Gonra of the Sword, Gorilla-Man, Mortigan Goth, Doug Grant, Grey Rider, Gunhawk (I), Gunhawk (II), Gunsmoke Kid.

Caleb Hammer, Hand of God, Quincy Harker, Agatha Harkness, Rex Hart, Louise Hastings, Sam Hawk, Red Hawkins, High Evolutionary, Sherlock Holmes, Howling Commandos, Jim Hudson, Human Meteor, Human Robot, Human Top (I), Human Top (II).

Inhumans, Interloper, Invaders, Iron Cross, Iron Fists.

Jann of the Jungle, Janus, Reno Jones, Rocky Jorden, Jungle Boy.

Kalen, Kan, Solomon Kane, Kid Cassidy, Kid Colt, Kid Commandos, Kid From Dodge City, Kid From Texas, Kid Slade, Hannibal King, Greg Knight, Knights Templar, John Kowalski, Kull.

Rex Lane, Red Larabee, Jean Luc LeBeau, Leopard Girl, Liberty Legion, Lord of the Loa, Lorna the Jungle Girl, The Lost Generation, Lo-Zar.

"Mademoiselle", Magneto, Major Maple Leaf, Makkari, Man-Oo the Mighty, Nathaniel Mare, Marvel Boy (III), Clark Mason, Cliff Mason, Masters of Silence, Maverick,
Skip McCoy, "Iron Mike" McGraw, Merlin, Tobias Messenger, Midnight Eye, Missouri Kid, Monster Hunters, Moon Knight, Tex Morgan, Alyssa Moy, "Rock" Murdock, Myrrdin.

Nahita, Night Raven, Night Rider, Nimo the Mountain Lion, Nisei Squadron.

Annie Oakley, Omerta, Otomo, Outcasts, Outlaw Kid.

Pale Horseman, Pantheon, Richard & Mary Parker, Patriot (II), Phantom Eagle, Phantom Rider (I-IV), Prairie Kid, Pravda Patrol, Puck.

Raa of the Caves, Sabbath Raven, Rawhide Kid, Red Guardian (I), Red Lucy, Red Sonja, Red Warrior, Red Wolf (I-III), Renegades, Reed Richards, Ringo Kid, Steven Rogers, Ry'lor.

Sabretooth, Sailor Sweeney, Saint Brendan, Saint George, Salome, Scarecrow, Scarlet Scarab, Scimitar, Sersi, Shadowmasters, Hiram Shaw, The Sheriff, She Wolf, SHOC, Silhouette, Silver Squire, Sir Raston, Sir Steel, Sky-Wolves, Kid Slade, Matt Slade, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Jack Smithers, Space Squadron, Sphinx, Spider Queen, Spirit of '76, Spitfire, Sssith, Rocky Steele, Stick, Rick Stoner, Stonewall, Strongman, Sunset Riders, Super Sabre.

Talks-to-Spirits, Tex Taylor, Tengu, Terror, Texas Kid (I), Texas Kid (II), Tharn, Thor, Thunderfist, Tigra, Tommy Lightning, Torpedo Taylor, Tribe of the Moon, Hodiah Twist, Twister, Two-Gun Kid, Grandfather Twoyoungmen, Tyndar.

Union Jack (I), Union Jack (II), Uri-El.

V-Battalion, Volkhvy, Volton.

Waku, Western Kid, Whip Wilson, Wild Pack, Willow Dancer, Wolfpack, Wolverine, Jimmy Woo.

Charles Xavier.

Yankee Clipper (I).

Zawadi, Zhered-Na, 3-D Man.

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