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No. 1 - May 1997

May Day: A Traditional Workers' Holiday

The Origins of May Day

As We Don't See it (excerpts) (Solidarity)


 No. 2 - May 1997

Democracy: Can't we do any better than that?

Spontaneity and Organization


 No. 3 - Fall 1997

Class, Culture and Workers' Struggle (editorial)

A Different Sort of Democracy (Martin Glaberman)

On Workers' Culture (CLR James)

Work is a Danger to Your Health (Chirevnet, Castoriadis)

Out of the Past (Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation)


No. 4 - Winter 1998 

You Don't Need a Weatherman (editorial)

Some remarks on the Reorganization of the Revolutionary Left (Cajo Brendel)

On Means and Ends (Solidarity)

On Roma Immigration (Solidarita)


No 5 - Spring 1998

May 1st: A Day of Workers' Action (editorial)

Some Thoughts on May Day (G. Munis, J. London)

Communism in France (Henri Simon)

The Scum of the Earth

Knocked Down But Getting Up Again


No. 6 - Summer 1998

The ABCs of Class Struggle (Editorial)

Workers Solidarity Network Manifesto

Flint Settlements Settle Nothing (Bruce Allen)

The Masses & The Vanguard - part 1 (Paul Mattick)

A Quiz for Would-Be Vanguards

Review: Daniel Guerin ed. No Gods No Masters (Chris Faatz)


No. 7 - Winter 1999

On the Job (editorial)

Definite Closure (Kamunist Kranti)

Working Class Conservatism (Larry Gambone)

Learning From History (Solidarity)

The Masses & the Vanguard - part 2 (Paul Mattick)

Review: Joe Jacobs - Out of the Ghetto

Review : Grace Lee Boggs - Living For Change


No. 8 - Spring 1999

Off the job In Canada (editorial)

On Voting (Chirevnet)

Council Communism & the Critique of Bolshevism (Cajo Brendel)

Review: Buzz Hargrove - Labour of Love


No. 9 - Fall 1999

Talking 'Bout My Demonstration (editorial)

Anti-Poverty in Toronto

A Tale of Two Conferences

Working Class Self-Activity (George Rawick)


No. 10 Winter 2000

The New Movement (editorial)

Root & Branch

Review : Tout va bien

A Question of Leaders


No. 11 Spring 2000

From the Ashes of the Old (editorial)

Endorsing the call for a Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc

Five Theses on Anarchism and Communism ( Commie Zero Zero)

Pass it along

The Goal (Anton Pannekoek)


No. 12 - Fall 2000

All the World's A Rage?

A Letter from France

The Personal Act (Anton Pannekoek)

Review :  Loren Goldner - Ubu Saved From Drowning (Michael Seidman)

A House Divided?


No. 13 - Spring 2001

What Dreams May Come

Crawling from the Wreckage

Goodbye to the Welfare State

On Workplace Organization

A Fair Day's Work for a Fair Day's Wages (Frederick Engels)

Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Turkey


No. 14 - Winter 2002

Days Like These (editorial)

The Real Movement

Martin Glaberman: 1918 - 2001

Review: Len Bracken - The Arch-conspirator


No. 15 - Summer 2002

Business As Usual (editorial)

The Politics of Protest

Five Years of Red & Black Notes

Reply to the "Real movement"

The Legacy of CLR James

Internationalists Discussion List


No. 16-17 Spring 2003

What Next? (editorial)

A Plague on Both your Houses

No War But the Class War

Monsieur Dupont - To Get Over the Wall, We First Have to Get to the Wall

A Letter to the Discussion Bulletin

Noel Ignatiev - The Backward Workers

Review: The Dutch-German Communist Left

Review : Steve Wright - Storming Heaven


No. 18 Fall 2003

A Horrible Year In Ontario (editorial)

Iraq: Free Market Jihad

Chicago Revolutionary Network - Spontaneity & Organization

Comment by Red & Black Notes

Anton Pannekoek - Anarchism is not Suitable

Review: Anton Pannekoek - Workers' Councils

Anton Pannekoek - A Letter on Workers' Councils


No. 19 Spring 2004

Meet the New Boss . . . Same as the Old Boss (editorial)

Loren Goldner - Notes on Another defeat for Workers in the US: The Los Angeles Supermarket Strike of 2003-2004

Resistance in Iraq - The Difficult Peace

Reply on the War in Iraq - A Letter to the ICC

Workers Playtime - Workers? Autonomy?

Frank Girard: In Memorial

Review: Martin Glaberman - Punching Out


No. 20 - Fall 2004

The Vietnam Syndrome Revisited

Wage Slave X - Unions Avert General Strike in BC, Canada

Wage Slave X - Lessons of the Black Sunday Sellout

Unions: A Revolutionary Critique

Internationalism - Letter to the Editor

Benjamin Peret - Factory Committees

Monsieur Dubois - Some Thoughts/Questions for Monsiuer Dupont

The Socialist Party of Great Britain: One Hundred Years

Review: John Holloway - Change the World Without Taking Power  


No. 21 - Spring 2005

Is the East Still Red? Notes on China

Revolutionary Organization and Class Consciousness

Letter from Internationalism

Comment- Red & Black Notes

Maurice Brinton 1922-2005

Review: Maurice Brinton -For Workers Power

Review: Franklin Rosemont & Charles Radcliffe - Dancin' in the Streets

Review: Rudolph Sprenger - Bolshevism



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