Welcome to the Red Maple Rabbitry! I am located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  I began raising rabbits with my father in 1978 and we continue to share the hobby.  I breed and show Mini Rex with special interest in the Blue variety.  My daughter has just started raising and showing Jersey Woolies. Currently we have a 32 hole rabbitry. 
Red Maple Rabbitry and Elk Valley Rabbitry
A Father-Daughter Rabbitry Since 1978
ARBA Registered Rabbitry #Y612
Member of:
American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
National Mini Rex Specialty Club
Pa State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
French Creek Mini Rex Spec. Club
Updated (8-22-09) In the Nest Box
Updated (8-21-09) - Updated For Sale page and Junior does and bucks page
National Mini Rex Rabbit Club
2009 Sweepstakes
as of August

1st Place Blue Variety

2008 Sweepstakes
th Place Blue Variety
5th Place D-9 Overall Points

2007 Sweepstakes
5th Place Blue Variety
2006 Sweepstakes
4th Place Blue Variety
2005 Sweepstakes
9th Place Blue Variety
Best Of Breed @ French Creek Mini Rex S.C.
Show "B" 3/14/09 Judge Tom Berger
Red Maple's Jill
Blue Sr. Doe
5 GC Legs
Carl Davis, Erie Pa